AFRI 101 7.5.07 External influences on Africa

AFRI 101 7.5.07 External influences on Africa - Has a lot...

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External influences on Africa Triple heritage -Marriage: between man and woman. Or you can have more than one wife but face 5 years in prison. Religion: 3 types. Christianity, Islamic, African. Triple heritage is when someone practices all three. Religion is secretic Ethiopia in 1974: had jewish traditions. 45% Christian, 45% Islamic, 10% other Africa’s connection to the western world midterm question on my country. In an analytical way, talk about religion in Africa ATR’s : don’t have a sacred written text.
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Unformatted text preview: Has a lot of flexibility compared to Christians and Islamics. You can adapt to changing world. Don’t have to worry about going to hell or being killed. -supreme being, spirits/divinities, witchcraft Christianity: have a sacred text (Bible)…ifyou veer away from is you go to hell. Islam: have sacred text (Kuran) and Hadeeth (means Story and that is an interpretation of Kuran) and if you veer off the path of the Hadeeth is enough to be killed.-Christianity in Africa goes back so far as to when it began. -...
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