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Colonialism/Colonization : A system of political, economic, and cultural domination forcibly imposed by a technologically advance enforced minority on an indiginace majority. (political control ovcer The Berlin Conference : conference called by chancellor of germ to settle the scramble for Africa peacefully. No African leaders invited. Artificially drawn borders were created on the map acc to commercial companies and their spheres of influence. They paid no attention to ethnic groups on the ground. Made people fight because borders were no up to the people. The Dual Mandate : Lord Lugard came up with it. The white race had a right to exploit Africa’s resources but there was also a duty to take care of africas people. Did that ever happen? NO…all the resources got sent back and the wealth was not distributed on the ground. Direct Rule : the colonial power brought in white personnel, and ran the country strictly by their own
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Unformatted text preview: rules Indirect Rule : they allowed some local control/ autonomy Direct Colonialism : there is a legal presumption that the colony would eventually break away from the mother country Settler Colonialism : a population from the mother country settled and said they hadhad the right to control country. Claimed they were natives. SAP’s : African countries were way in debt because they were left with crimbling economy. African continent hated SAP’s. Import Substitution Industries (ISI’s ): program where african countries said they are not gonna import things anymore…they would make those things on their own. Build millions of dollars worth of factories. Shit…don’t have products. Now spend money on buying ingredients and waste a ton of money. Ended up hurting them in the end. IMF: gives loans and SAPS…nobody likes them....
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