DRAM 116 review notes

DRAM 116 review notes - The poetics written by Aristotle....

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The poetics – written by Aristotle. mimesis- is an imitation of an action. The diff between drama and rituals Drama started with the greeks. The origins of greek drama started with rituals. Rituals were often dedicated to gods. They were community events or religious events. Also sacrifice to gods. RITUALS WERE THE BEGIN OF DRAMA. Drama was at first justr entertainment. Tragedy comes from tragos which means goat song. The goat was the sacrifice to the gods. Greek darama was the begin of western drama Theatres and their effect: Greek times had amphitheatre. Medieval theaters were manchins sometimes inside sometimes out. Renaissance and Elizabethan theatres were in courtyards which were outdoors. Grownlings=people who stood near the stage in the Elizabethan era. Kinda poor people who paid less but were closer to stage In 19 th cent, things changed a little bit. Now came proscenium arch. Kinda like what is in our high schools. It creates the fourth wall, which separates whats happening on the stage and the audience. Genres of Drama: Tragedy- the story of a noble birth who has a tragic flaw. Generally not a very hapy ending Comedy- usually a story with a happy ending Tragic Comedy- has serious moments. But has happy ending.
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DRAM 116 review notes - The poetics written by Aristotle....

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