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DRAM 160 Italian -Raked stage-stage that is higher at the back then the front. A raked stage usually starts at the stage level and increases in height above the stage as you farther from the audience -semi circular seating -proscenium arch-the frame of the proscenium stage -3D painting for depth to stage -theatre moved indoors -proscenium- a stage configuration in which spectators watch the action through a rectangular frame that resembles a picture frame -apron-stage extension in front of the proscenium arch extending towards the audience
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Unformatted text preview: Wings-offstage space to either side of the arch used for scenery storage and actor entrances and exits To fly-to raise or lower anything with ropes or cables Fly loft-the pace above a stage for large objects such as flats or drops to be concealed before they are flown in or when not in use American Seating – seating arrangement with an aisle down the center Flexible Space- is a space that can be arranged as a proscenium Black box- flexible theatre space usually painted black...
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