HIST 128 10.24.07 Test Review

HIST 128 10.24.07 Test Review - Sedition act-cant criticize...

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Sedition act -cant criticize any part of the American govt. it was illegal in speech, print, editorial. Leader, soldiers. Basically takes away freedom of speech. Happened in 1918. Applies to everybody. Woodrow Wilson took us into a war that we didn’t wanna get into. WWI was not popular…compare to WWII or Pearl Harbor. Significance is trying to force patriotism. Lusitania - 1915. Lusitania is a boat that the Germans sunk with a torpedo. Unknown to the passengers on it…the british put weapons in the bottom of the ship. Germans had spies in NY harbor and knew the weapons were being loaded . significance is it lead to Wilson to decided to go in to WWI. Export Import Bank - typical American relationship was we tell them what to do and we punish them if they don’t. Export-Import bank is America will loan money to other countries who want to buy goods from America. To boost American money and improve our relationship with Latin America. FDR created it. Brusssels Conference - in what country…Belgium. Happened in 1937. Americans are involved here. The world is coming apart. Japan has invaded Manchuria. Then invaded china. Hitler is taking over land in Europe that he shouldn’t be. FDR is trying to organize the rest of the world. We kinda sat on the sidelines during the 30’s. FDR stands up and says we need to stop Hitler. FDR gets other countries to agree and take down fascists (Hitler and Japs). Doesn’t work, it’s a failure. Hepburn Act – 1906. About railroads. This authorizes the……… Teddy R believes in ? Teddy Roosevelt says. Signi is federal govt steps in to regulate a business. He doesn’t say how much you can charge he just says you cant charge more than this. The Man Nobody Knows – is a book by Bruce Barton. Man that nobody knows is Jesus. Bruce says that Jesus is the greatest businessman and marketer to ever live. 1920’s. Bruce says you should model ur busincess after Christian belief. He said He was a great marketer cause think of how much he is known across the world…has the most famous life ever. The SIG is that it illustrates how much business has taken over American culture. Manchurian Crisis – 1931. Manchuria is close to Japan and Korea, but in China. Our stock market crashed in 1929. WWII solved great depression. Japan figured this out before us. They invade Manchuria. Japan faked railroad explosion. Now they fix their economy because they gotta make tanks, supplies, draft men. Not only solves economic problem but solves supplies problem cause Manchuria had coal and iron oarand you need that to make steel. (they didn’t have steel). They needed oil also…got that from US. Five Power Pact - 1920’s…maybe 1925. US, British, French, Jap, Italy. WWI has been over for several years now. US and Br are 5’s. Fr and Jap are 3’s and Italy is a 1. That’s how big their Navy’s would be. None of these powers want to be in an arms race.
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HIST 128 10.24.07 Test Review - Sedition act-cant criticize...

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