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HIST 128 October 24

HIST 128 October 24 - HIST 128 II Initial Breakdown in the...

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Unformatted text preview: HIST 128 October 24, 2007 II. Initial Breakdown in the Far East 1. Breakdown of the 1920's system of order 2. Key US blunder III. FDR's Foreign Policy 1934...the new deal was not working. It was also becoming clear that socialism was coming about. When FDR attempts to do away with the policy. The 2nd major change...the 1st tikme ever in American history that they woere going to increase fore The 2nd pice of legislation offeres credits to the foreign nation who will use those credits to purchase American goods. 2 areas in the world who stood out...1 was in latin America. The depression affected latin America a lot. By 1933, the price of sugar had dropped to less than a tenth of a cent per pound. Under these condionts junior army officers overturned the excisting governemtn but the USrefused to recongnize the new govt vcause we thought it was too liberal . batista got rid of thayt govt and created a new conservative one. Another area they tired to do was in Russia. The key America business men were desperate for overseas pbuyers. Stalin had wanted to work with the US and did but it turns out that both sides were left dissatisfied. In the ...
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