DRAM 160 2.28.08

DRAM 160 2.28.08 - -choose lights that highlight Back Side...

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Care-is-pie C-commitment A-analysis R-research E-evaluation I-incubation S-selection P-presentation I- E- Acting Areas -Specific area where scenes are played -Usually 8-12 ft pools or circles covering the stage -Overlap for even light distribution -Analyzing each acting area and it needs Functions of Stage Lights -visibility -can you see them, selective visibility -selective focus -guide audience -modeling -controlling the appeareance of objects -mood
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Controllable qualities Distribution- direction, shape and size, quality Intensity Movement-onstage movement, follow spots, moving lights Color- subtractive which is gel or filters, addictive colors – Color Media -Plastic-GELS, Mylar or polyester -Glass -Roundels in strip lights -Multi color gels or glass in intelligent lights Costumes and Set -costumes set and lighting designers must coordinate -must choose a mood and theme
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Unformatted text preview: -choose lights that highlight Back Side Front and More-Angles: flatten, highlight, bring to life, mold/sculpt-Shadows-Dance: heavy use of Side Light, regular theatrical light regulated to fill Legend/Key-road map for plot-key: instrument, organization -symbols: instruments, special instruments Vertical Section-side view that helps to discover-sight lines-ensure lighting instruments will not interfere with scenic elements More Paperwork-cue sheet: summary of cues for the show-Magic Sheet: sheet of acting areas, cheat sheet for Designer Focus/Tech-hang the lights according to plot-designer focuses lights in acting areas-adds changes lights as need-read just lights according to actor movement and lighting need Dimmer Light Check-run through all the lights, check for holes in the gel, check for dimmed or burned out lights...
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DRAM 160 2.28.08 - -choose lights that highlight Back Side...

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