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NOT CUMULATIVE!!!! Which department makes props for the show – props department Realistic box set unit set or multi set production, what is the name of the set where all the locations are visible at all times? – unit? What is a scumble? – a course mixing of paint Drawing that shows a birds eye view – ground plan Latex based paint is a what based paint? – water Two paint applicators – brush, a roller, a sponge, a spray can, feather duster Who designs props? – scenic designer What device allows for rapid replication of paint – stencil What is trump louie – makes a 2d surface look 3d What is the element that glues paint (makes it stick) to a surface – binder Two ways to add texture – dry brushing,
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Unformatted text preview: Flame proofing chemical additive paint obj and will flame retard obj, as will drapes, and consumes will be flame retarded (salt based), can have a fire watch on either side of the statge, wait with flame blankets on either side of the stage What are foot lights lights across front foot of the stage Consumable props must be replaced after each show Name of the stair used to get the actors off the stage escape stair What is the part of paint that adds color pigment What kind of prop is carried by the actors hand props t/f fake props are used down stage and real props are used up stage false (other way around) SCANTRON AND PENCIL...
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