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DRAM 160 3.24.08

DRAM 160 3.24.08 - What is sound design Creation and...

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What is sound design? Creation and manipulation of aural env. A technical/ creative field History of sound design Sound design only recently became acknowledged as a legit. Field Ancient greeks used masks to amplify actors voices 1800s ibsen, shaw, Chekhov wrote sound effects into plays mechanical sound effects metal thunder sheets, rain box, wind machine 2 nd half of 20 th century recording and playback available Functions of sound design Invoke a particuar mood Help tell the story of the play Time period Location Time of day Ensure that the astors/singers can be heard Basic tools of sound design Sound sources Devices that convert of generate sound as electrical signals Playback devices Allow our sounds to be played back during a performance Mixing console Brain of sound system All sounds go into and come out of console Large format used for musicals Small format for straight plays, presentations, ect.
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