DRAM 160 3.27.08

DRAM 160 3.27.08 - -location-period-season-time of day...

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What do you wear? -everyone wears a costume -what does your costume say about you? -why did you choose your costume today? What you wear, the first four minutes -three things affect understanding -appearance---55% -tone of voice---38% -what the person says---7% -Same for actors on stage What is a Costume? -costume is anything an actor wears on stage -can include wearing nothing COSTUME DESIGN -visual clues about the play
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Unformatted text preview: -location-period-season-time of day DESIGN PROCESS-care is pie COSTUME DESIGN-read the play, read it again-think about the clothes in regard to the action of the play-think about look, what is the director trying to get across to the audience-sketch-share with the director and other designers, make changes RESEARCH-libraries-paintings-fashion magazines-internet...
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DRAM 160 3.27.08 - -location-period-season-time of day...

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