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Jessica Simmons February 25 th , 2008 Greer Revision Marianne Tale “Beware of the Plastics” Life in itself is considered to be a paradox. Walker Percy, author of the philosophical excerpt “A Short Quiz”, defines the self in a wide variety of ways. Originating from his novel, Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book , (1983) this journal entry clarifies and pinpoints the psyche of the individual in ways in which many would not be able. Specifically, he elaborates on the “lost self,” which is considered to be “cut loose and imprisoned by its own freedom, yet imprisoned by a curious paradoxical bondage like a Chinese handcuff, so that the very attempts to free itself only tighten the bondage and distance the self ever farther from the very world it wishes to inhabit as its homeland.” He furthers this by describing the self as eventually becoming “a space- bound ghost which roams the very Cosmos it understands perfectly.” This consciousness of self struck a chord. Growing up in a civilization where the societal demands are defined and are forcing one to act and look a certain way, one would easily fall into this concept of living in one’s own world. But who can say that they are lost? Is it because society says it is not okay to behave differently? Or is it because it is all humans have ever known? Growing up in a town full of suburban housewives with their ever-so-talented children and perfect picket fenced houses, I evolved into something much more
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inimitable. Yes, I was the straight- A student who was involved in many activities, but I made an effort to set myself apart from the average “Garnet Valley girl.” I did not want to be the girl who wore Hollister and Abercrombie every day of her life, who looked like everyone else, tanned like everyone else, used the word “like” a thousand times a day like everyone else. I wanted to be the individual known for her distinctive taste in clothing or music and I wanted to be appreciated for it. But this theory turned into something that I
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greer revision - Jessica Simmons February 25th, 2008 Greer...

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