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Jessica Simmons English Comp March 3 rd , 2008 Marianne Triale Fear less, Hope more A turning point can affect one’s day, week or even life. It might be a dramatic event like a death in the family, or it might be as subtle as a simple baseball catch in league game. It can be significant to one, or another can just simply overlook it. The importance is not so much the size of the actual turning point, but the resulting attitudes following the situation. Optimism could be defined in a multitude of ways including the belief that, “the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.” Although recognized and coined by many, the definition of optimisim fails to include the beauty within journey and process to passivity. Some may call other’s idealists or realists but how can one draw the lines? I have always considered myself an idealist; maybe because of my family or maybe just because I believe that everything will work out for the better. My grandmother is an optimist in the truest sense of the word. Always turning the worst situations into a laugh, she loves experiencing life and telling in-depth stories about it. Because of her, I have the ability to forget about the negative influences in the world and because of her, I can call myself an optimist. I have had a few turning points that have led me to reevaluate my beliefs, but none of my past experiences have changed me as much as the one lazy Saturday where my grandmother, Janice McCullion, told me about what it truly meant to be positive. My grandmother is a gentle woman, a kind woman, who exhibits a comforting
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aura filled with love and care. With her hair usually pulled back in a headband and always wearing a bright white set of Keds, she could be considered one of a kind. Her life is rather simple but; nonetheless, full of magnificent stories that feature her life growing up as an only child. Ever since I can recall, weekends with Grandmom and lunch at the local Coffee Station were certain events are imprinted in my brain forever. I have always adored my grandmother, but I do not think I appreciated her much when I was a child. Being an immature adolescent, I had the tendency to take advantage of this darling
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optimism - Jessica Simmons English Comp March 3rd 2008...

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