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Robert Vasek March 17 th , 2008 English Homicide Rate and Gun Control “You want to go kill people, go to Philadelphia, where only a third of all murders will even be arrested,” a quotation taken from NRA executive VP, Wayne LaPierre, after targeting Philadelphia’s crime rate and lack of order. These harsh words are difficult to digest when the once amazing city of “Brotherly love” has now become one of the highest rated areas in America for homicide. There are many reasons why while the nation’s homicide rate is decreasing; Philadelphia’s rate is increasing. One revolves around the lack of power prevalent within the local municipalities is a large contributor to this phenomenon. The importance of giving power back to the local municipalities is central to the homicide rate given that the state law enforcement in Pennsylvania tends to side with the suburban residents. Enforcing that they use firearms for the purpose of entertainment, the citizens in these lower populated areas do not agree with the intense gun control that is necessary in the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Since a large portion of Pennsylvania is considered the country, it contains various hunting communities that view gun ownership as an element of their daily life. However, since the state and not the local law enforcements have the power, Pennsylvania’s rural opinions overrule those that live in Philadelphia. The gun control debate has been a controversial one with many decisions varying from the primary Gun Control act of 1968 to the regulating Brandy Handgun Prevention Act. If Pennsylvania was to give the power to local law enforcements, not only will the homicide rate decrease, but the using, the
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purchasing of guns as well as the developing adolescent gangs where the ownership of a firearm is considered a status symbol, will also diminish. If the power is given back to the municipalities in an effort to control guns, the
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homiciderate1 - Robert Vasek March 17th, 2008 English...

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