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COM 100 from A to Z A Academic Integrity = Consistent with university policy, plagiarism and/or cheating of ANY kind on ANY assignment will result in the failure of the entire course. Please see the course syllabus or your TA for further information. APA Style = The field of Communication uses APA style when referencing sources so we ask that students also learn to use it. APA 5 th Edition referencing is required for any assignment or speech that asks for cites or sources. There is an APA Style guide located on ANGEL under the “Lessons” tab. Please see your TA with further questions. ANGEL = ANGEL is the online course system used in COM 100. It is the responsibility of the student to check ANGEL periodically for course announcements, research announcements, and to locate other course materials. Further, this is a tool to contact the COM 100 team (TAs, SLs, the course coordinator, and the professor). Please see the course pack for ANGEL instructions or see your TA/course coordinator for further instruction. One note: when emailing from ANGEL always indicate that email goes to the receiver’s email account. Otherwise, the email will remain accessible on ANGEL only. This may delay in response to emails. The web address is: Assignments = Sometimes students will ask “why?” Why are we doing this assignment? Why are the assignments worth this much? You may direct them to the TAs, however, most SLs like to be able to answer questions instead of saying, “I don’t know,” so here are some explanations for you. You could also review the “Purpose of Assignment” on each homework sheet. Point value = HW-1, 4 and 5 are worth 10 points because they are smaller assignments. HW-2 is worth 30 points because they include the in-class presentations. HW-3 is worth 40 because it is more difficult with citing and includes the in-class presentation. Athletes = Student athletes must present their NCAA approved schedule to their TA and SL the FIRST week of school so scheduling within the class may be appropriately addressed. See the course syllabus or your TA for further information regarding turning in assignments, etc. C Classroom Environment = A respectful environment is expected in both lecture and recitation as well as in emails. Please respect the comments, ideas and speeches of your peers, SLs and TAs.
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Contact Information = The first person to contact about grades is your TA. The second person to contact is the Course Coordinator, Jenny Maginnis, and the third person to contact is Dr. Donohue. Your SL, TA, the coordinator, and the professor are all more than happy to speak with you about the course. Course Coordinator = The Course Coordinator, Sara Gardella, can be reached via phone at 517-353-0666, via email at [email protected] , and via office hours and by appointment. Jenny’s role is to facilitate course information to TAs, SLs and students. Feel free to contact her regarding course material, however, keep in mind grades are first addressed by TAs. E
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COM_100_from_A_to_Z - COM 100 from A to Z A Academic...

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