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studyguide2 - • Social Networks • Dialects and Style...

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Exam 2 Study Guide IAH 231 C – Roles of Language in Society Spring 2008 The exam will have 17 questions (15 questions + 2 extra credit questions) Results will be emailed Questions will be both True/False and Multiple Choice Questions will cover all material from lectures, readings after Reading Quiz 2 (including the Kiesling article), 2 group presentations, and Data Collection #2. The topics from lecture include the following: Language Variation and Discourse Social Explanations for Dialects Social Class Linguistic Explanations for Dialects
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Unformatted text preview: • Social Networks • Dialects and Style • Style Shifting • Regional Dialects o The Inland North o The South o The Midlands o The West Gender and Language • Sex vs. Gender • Biological differences related to language • Approaches to Gender & Language Research o The Female Deficit Approach o The Cultural Difference Approach o The Prestige Approach • Features of “Women’s Language” • Gender and Conversational Differences • Gender and Sexual Orientation • Gender and Language Change • Sexism and Language...
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