ISS 335 - Stratification- a structure of inequality Jim...

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Stratification- a structure of inequality Jim Crow- a system of segregation Civil Rights movement- 1950’s and 60’s- challenge legal discrimination Strategies used- boycott, sit-ins, rallies, marches, speeches, civil disobedience, passive resistance, peaceful action These activities helped mobilize public opinion outside of the south in favor of the black struggle 1964-8 civil rights acts 1965-voting rights act genocide-systematic killing of an entire people. Race is a social construction- it’s socially defined White Collar-non-manual labor, Blue collar-manual labor Dominant group- rich, white males, protestant, Ivy League Upper class Poor people Nice things, snobby, educated uneducated, welfare, Nice cars, materialistic, status conscious Bad neighborhood, urban area Big donors, suburbs Inferior housing, lazy, unintelligent Hypo-descent- any racial intermixture makes one nonwhite- one drop rule Dichotomy Tiger woods- ¼ Thai, ¼ Chinese, ¼ Black, 1/8 white, 1/8 Native American Stuckert-1960’s- genetic purity of races in the U.S. Percentage of whites w/black ancestry % of blacks w/European ancestry 1790- 2.0 19.0 1850- 15.0 38.2 1900- 19.5 56.6 1960- 22.8 77.4 Racialization- process of assigning racial meanings Racial formation- racial categories are formed over time Jim Crow era- civil war (1861-1865) through WWII (1941-1945) 1857- Dred Scott v. Sandford- Blacks are an inferior race and have no rights as citizens Reconstruction- 1865-1877- federal troops occupied the South, blacks could vote and run for office After reconstruction blacks were defranchised ( prevented from voting) 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson- upheld the doctrine of separate but equal a system of racial etiquette (a code of behavior) Ku Klux Klan- vigilante group, peak membership, 1920’s, Indiana, OH 1957 Little Rock, AR 1954 Brown v. Board overturned separate but equal
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Gov. Faubus (Arkansas), Thurgood Marshall (first black on Supreme Court) Great Migration- migration of blacks from rural South to the Urban North- 1910-1940- 2 million of blacks migrated, 1940-1970- 5 million blacks migrated North The Ethics of Living Jim Crow Mr. Pease Gender roles-product of our socialization and cultural conditioning. “Night to his day” Western societies- 2 genders Some societies- 3 genders- man, woman, berdache ( biological males treated as social women) Transsexual- sex change operations Transvestite- cross dressing Transgender- males who live as females “” Clothing is used to reinforce gender differences Gender is both ascribed and schieved Ascribed- assigned at birth Achieved- the result of one’s effort Metrosexual- a man who seems gay but is not Sports- men’s golf, women’s golf Gymnos- nude Looking-glass self- C.H. Cooley- we view ourselves positively or negatively based on our view of how others see us. Hermaphrodites- chromosomes or genitals that aren’t clearly male or female
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ISS 335 - Stratification- a structure of inequality Jim...

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