Exam 3 Review - HDFS 239 Exam III Fran Roach The Media and...

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HDFS 239 Exam III Fran Roach The Media and Adolescents Be able to explain the term media saturation and be able to discuss the media consumption of the typical teenager. Media Saturation —the media is unavoidable; it is EVERYWHERE! The average teen spends 6-8 hours a day using various forms of mass media. 2 hours are spent listening to music, 2-3 hours watching TV. How is the media an agent of socialization? The media makes up a large part of the teens social environment. --Teaches values, norms, ways of living/being. What version(s) of selfhood are popular teen magazines promoting to adolescents? What macro-level factors are shaping this version of adolescence? Accelerated maturity Self-improvement orientation to the self Hyper-conscious of appearance Materialistic Macro-level factors: corporations are marketing the image because it is very profitable. How do media messages negatively affect a teenager's sense of self/identity? They make the teen very appearance-conscious. They make teens feel like they are NOT ok the way they are. They are very materialistic, and always looking for ways to self-improve. What is a self-brand connection? (Reading on self-brand connections) Self-brand connection —using a brand to create a sense of self (self-concept). You are communicating this sense of self through the brand. ex) Abercrombie logo gives off an impression. In the reading, what methods do the authors use to measure self-brand connections? “Who am I?” task. Picking brands off of a poster as a representative of one’s own self-brand. Making a collage of brands.
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At what age do children make self-brand connections? How do these connections change over time as children mature? 9 years old. Connections change because the self-brand connections become more numerous, abstract, and complex. Identity and Self-Esteem Be able to define self-esteem and explain why this concept is distinctly an American idea. Self-esteem —a person’s overall sense of worth and well-being. It is distinctly American because it is not culturally relevant in non-Western countries like Japan. We emphasize the individual; rugged individualization. Understand how self-esteem changes from preadolescence through adolescence. What are explanations for this decline in self-esteem? Longitudinal studies found that self-esteem declines in early adolescence, and
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Exam 3 Review - HDFS 239 Exam III Fran Roach The Media and...

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