Homework 4 - and answer in your own words the question...

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Fran Roach fcr5002 Energy and the Environment (EGEE 101) Home Work for Submission - Assignment #4 Note:  Show the actual numbers you used and the steps while calculating ratios etc. 1) (a) Explain the meaning of "reserves to production ratio" [aka R/P ratio]. (8 points). United States Crude Oil reserves are estimated to be 29.3 x 10^ 9 barrels U.S. crude oil production was 6.83 x 10^6 barrels per day in 2005. (b) At that rate, how long will the US reserves last? Give your answer in years. (8 points) (c) Discuss the implication of this number. (8 points) (d) Compare that with that for the world, Use data from “Statistical Review of World Energy” a report by BP. (8 points) Go to www.bp.com and search for it. The latest report is from the year 2007 and has data up to 2006 usage. [Hint: alternately the report is provided in your Angel HW folder] (e) Find the R/P ratios for coal and natural gas at the above site for the US and the world (8 points) 2) Go to the website http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2000/of00-320/of00-320.pdf
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Unformatted text preview: and answer in your own words the question “Are we running out of oil”? (20 points) Answer in YOUR OWN WORDS!! 3) Mark trends in the following properties with increasing rank as shown for heating value. Use combination of words and arrow signs, e.g., “----increasing--> ” or “---decreasing-->” to show the direction of increase or decrease. (20 points)----Increasing Rank ----------> Lignite Sub bituminous Bituminous Anthracite Heating Value----increasing-->----increasing-->----increasing-->----increasing--> Carbon content----increasing-->----increasing-->----increasing-->----increasing--> Hydrogen content---decreasing-->---decreasing-->---decreasing-->---decreasing--> Sulfur content----increasing-->----increasing-->---decreasing-->---decreasing--> Nitrogen ---decreasing-->---decreasing-->----increasing-->----increasing--> content Oxygen content---decreasing-->---decreasing-->---decreasing-->---decreasing-->...
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Homework 4 - and answer in your own words the question...

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