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Jessica Burdick A36047367 IAH 221b Exam 2—Take Home Essay Trecento History to Norman and Ellis Norman’s Padua, Siena, and Florence and Ellis’s Doomsday Book are not two books one would think would have anything in common. Though the books of Norman and Ellis are very different, they both have one common goal: to teach the history of the trecento. The fundamental differences between the two books lie in the subject matter and the way the material is delivered. Norman writes about art history, while Ellis writes about the plague; Norman’s is a book for teaching, and Ellis’s, a book for enjoyment. Their common goal to teach historical facts of the European trecento is rooted in their desire to present historical truths, but the values of both authors also color their representations of trecento history “truths”. The major goal of writing art history, Norman says, is to present the readers with a slew of theories, ideas, and facts, so they may decide which they conclude is true: “What remain, in my view, are some data, some good working hypotheses, and a mass of theories from which we may want to select any concepts we feel to be viable (pg 227).” By this she means that every art historian writes his own theories and ideas, and each one is different, and by comparing them all we can choose whatever we believe. In essence, this means that art historical “truth” is actually very subjective. In fact, not only is each “truth” to each person individualized by interpretation by of the reader, but the distribution of all the “truths” to
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Exam 2-Paper - Jessica Burdick A36047367 IAH 221b Exam...

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