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Jessica Burdick A36047367 IAH 221b Artistic Patronage in Trecento Padua, Siena, and Florence The commissions and patronage of the arts in the three cities of fourteenth- century Italy—Padua, Siena, and Florence—are abundant and innovative, producing some of the best works of trecento Italy. The influence of politics, economic and social conditions, and religious orders steered the direction of the style and iconography of each city in their own way, but above all, allowed for unique and revolutionary ideas in paintings, sculpture, and architecture. Despite various disasters and unfruitful conditions, continued patronage and commissions survived throughout the fourteenth century, and Sienese, Paduan, and Florentine art developed in their own ways and produced monumentally beautiful art that is still admired today. Throughout the fourteenth century, artistic commissions in the form of civic monuments came from two places: communal interests or familial interests. In Siena and Florence, there was a balance between these two spheres of influence; the communal organizations commissioned and subsidized major churches, and powerful and wealthy families commissioned private chapels for deceased relatives for within these churches. In Padua, however, after the 1330s, patronage shifted toward familial interests. This is because the Carrara family—who came to have great power in the city—and other families in their inner circle began to dominate artistic commissions. Civic monuments often were commissioned by the political committees of the
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IAH EXAM 1 PAPER - Jessica Burdick A36047367 IAH 221b...

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