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1 MATH 140B Midterm #1 Format Date:Oct 2, 2007 Not every question on the exam falls into one of these categories, but the vast majority do. Go over problems of these types, and be sure to come to the review sessions (in lecture) on Monday and Tuesday of the exam week. The exam consists of 14 multiple choice questions (5 points each) for a total of 70 points, and 30 points of long answer. Limits reading the limit oF a graph analytic technique of computing (factoring) trigonometric limits (know the 2 key limits) one-sided limits (vertical asymptotes) Continuity graphically (identifying points of discontinuity)
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Unformatted text preview: – continuity on an interval • DiFerentiation – computing derivatives (long answer - not simplifying) – graphically (where does the derivative not exist) – ±nding the equation of the tangent line to a curve at a point – comparing actual vs. approximate change in y as you increase x by 1. • Models – monoid growth – lung capacity (tital volume) – coughing model – economic ±sh • Max/Min – ±nding critical points of a function. – ±nding intervals where a function is increasing and decreasing – classifying points as maximums or minimums using 1st derivative test....
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