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Universals Philosophy Paper - Aaron Mroczkowski...

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Aaron Mroczkowski Introduction to Philosophy Essay Assignment #2 Universals Plato defines a universal as an idea that does not exist in the realm of time and space that we live in. A universal to Plato is also called a form, or a concept of an idea off of which all things in our realm are based. The things in our world that we consider to be real are nothing more than copies of the original form that exists in another dimension not bound by space or time. To Plato, universals are eternal. They cannot be created or destroyed because they do not have a spatial or temporal existence. An example of a Platonic universal would be the idea of ‘man’. It is easy for me to call myself a man, yet, to Plato, I am only a copy of man, created from the universal idea, or the form of man. It is the form of man that unites all of the men on this planet under the common title of ‘man’. Everything in our world is what it is because it embodies its respective form. A sphere is a sphere because it embodies the form of sphere. In Geometry, shapes are studied and analyzed, yet none of the pictures or models of shapes presented or discussed in Geometry are anything more than copies of the form of their respective shapes. A picture of a circle is not a circle, it is a copy, a physical, tangible, spatio-temporal representation of the form of a circle. Aristotle defines a universal as a property, feature, or quality that is used to
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Universals Philosophy Paper - Aaron Mroczkowski...

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