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Social Psych Exam 1 Study Guide

Social Psych Exam 1 Study Guide - Social Psych Exam 1...

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Social Psych Exam 1 Universal mechanisms – the same; everyone affected the same way by social psychology Construal Locus of control – causality ability to cause effect Gestalt Perspective Behavior should be looked at as a whole and not in small parts Construal Behavior VS Behaviorism Behaviorism relies on stimulus-response (animal and command) Errors of Construal Failure to recognize constructed nature of our own perceptions o Constructed nature – we make it up Failure to appreciate variability in construal egocentrism (walk in someone’s shoes before judging) Severely underestimate the power of situation o Not looking at outside forces blame the person Situation Person attributes – allows you to have a “reason” for all of their behavior without understanding the situation’s effect Leads ordinary people to do extraordinary things Rationalization of Guards Group thing everyone else doing it Desensitized to situation Thinking someone subhuman, easier to treat them that way
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Rationalize – makes sense in mind, justify Socialization Socialized by reference group not one person and it affects our construal Descriptive VS Injunctive o Descriptive norm – what group does o Injunctive norm – society tells you to do to get social rewards o Example: Speed limit but people say okay to drive 5 miles faster Socialized by… o Family o Peers o Society Pluralistic ignorance – erroneous construal of group situation that comes from interpreting our own and others’ same behavior differently o Disregard situation influence 3 Motives Affect Construal
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Social Psych Exam 1 Study Guide - Social Psych Exam 1...

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