Exam1 - Exam 1 Impact of the Iraq War Jeanann Vierling Soc...

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Exam 1: Impact of the Iraq War Jeanann Vierling Soc 485 2-2-08
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U.S. Families So easy it is to scream war in a fit of anger, but one must think about all the implications of what it means to fight a war. Everyone knows and thinks about the difficulties the soldiers go through in times of war, but there is more to the story; the lives of these soldiers are intertwined with so many more. Their pain, strife, and circumstance are undeniably as much theirs as it is their family’s. When they are fighting overseas, there is a whole different kind of war going on at home. There are girlfriends, wives, children, parents, and friends. There is a domino effect, and eventually we are all affected by war, most of us, mentally, but sometimes physically, as in the case of the soldiers. Firstly, there is the mental impact of war on families and individuals. Girlfriends are made to go through a kind of torture, never knowing what is really going on. The military does not provide technical, “non-family” members information on their soldier. Many have found that it is beneficial make friends with wives of soldiers in the same company as their boyfriend. Nothing is certain in the military; things can change in an instant. Life for a military girlfriend or wife is like a roller coaster, with all its ups and downs. Those left behind must learn to be independent and strong for their soldier, but more often than not, this much easier said than done. It’s hard for some to not feel guilty for living an everyday life when their soldier is at war, with constant stress, and the threat of losing their life. Divorce rates are high. Life takes a new shape when you think about human beings taking each other’s lives. Constant worry is not uncommon for all family members and friends. The air tight in their lungs, waiting for the next email, letter, or phone call. The Internet has not only provided another method for communication between
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Exam1 - Exam 1 Impact of the Iraq War Jeanann Vierling Soc...

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