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Mexican Immigration The Great American Melting Pot, officially known as the United States of America, is recognized to be home of many ethnic and cultural heritages. However, America’s open immigration policies of it’s early days have greatly changed over time. With America’s prized, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and it’s guarantee of every man’s, “inalienable rights,” it’s no wonder so many individuals are willing to risk everything to come here. However the grandiose ideals of another country, there are other, more day-to-day, reasons many immigrate to the U.S. In understanding the demographics of the U.S. and the direction in which they are going, it is vital to understand it’s immigrants. What is commonly known about immigrants tends to inaccurate at best. Let us further investigate one group of immigrants to better understand their situation, the Mexican immigrants. First off, there are around of 9 million Mexican immigrants in the United States. Of the 39.9 million Latinos in the United States, 67% are of Mexican origin. Mexican immigrants account for 40% of the total Mexican origin population. The gender distribution of Mexican immigrant population is largely male, with about 75%. Half of all Mexican immigrants are under age 32. On average, Mexican immigrants come to the U.S. when they are 21 years old. Forty-four percent of Mexican immigrants own their own home. One quarter of Mexican immigrants are naturalized citizens. Over half of all Latino children nationally have at least one parent who is an immigrant.The average Mexican immigrant household is made up of 4.5 people. Among the almost 2 million families (with children) headed by a
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MexImmExam2 - Mexican Immigration The Great American...

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