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Biol 211 Quiz 3A 25 Points October 29, 2007 Name______KEY_________________ I. Matching 1. ____C__ chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes are called this 2. __J____ in animals, gametes are produced using this process 3. ___D___ The ABO blood group is an example of this type of inheritance in humans 4. ___A___ variations of given gene – for example the flower color gene has purple and white 5. ____N___ a single gene with multiple effects is described as this 6. ___L____ Failure of chromosomes to separate during mitosis or meiosis 7. ___Q____ phase of the cell cycle where DNA is synthesized 8. ____R___ stage of mitosis where a cleavage furrow forms in animal cells 9. ___M____ the appearance of an organism 10. _____F__What is the sex of a SRY- negative XY individual A. alleles B. asexual C. autosomes D. co-dominance E. epistasis F. female G. G1 phase H. genotype I. male J. meiosis K. mitosis L. nondisjunction M. phenotype N. pleiotropy O. polygenic P. prophase Q. S phase R. telophase II. Short Answer (2 points each ). Please CHOOSE 5 questions and answer each question using complete sentences. 1. Draw a cell with 6 chromosomes in metaphase I of meiosis. 2. Describe 2 specific purposes for mitosis in the human body. a. Repair of tissue damage b. Growth c. Development d. Regeneration of rapidly turning-over cells (skin, blood) 3. If an animal’s kidney cells have 8 chromosomes, how many chromosomes would be in its skin cells? Since both skin and kidney cells are somatic cells and both are diploid, if the kidneys have 8 chromosomes, then the skin cells will also have 8 chromosomes. XX XX XX
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4. Contrast mitosis and meiosis. Give two specific ways the two processes differ from one another. a.
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Quiz%203%20A%20and%20B%20Key - Biol 211 Quiz 3A 25 Points I...

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