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The Country to Where You’re Going I got the package in the mail only a few days before I was supposed to come home. I was excited because I hadn’t received anything significant for months, not even for my birthday; it was three weeks later when I found a card from my parents with ten dollars and “don’t buy alcohol” scribbled inside. When I saw that it was from her I became even more excited. Since I had come to school, we had been sending each other letters in the mail. Lately her letters had become less frequent and much shorter, but this package made up for the days when I would eagerly check the mail in anticipation of a letter—only to be let down by a flyer wanting me to join some sorority. I ripped open the small box only to find an unlabeled CD and a card that simply said “I’m sorry.” ________________________________________________________________________ When I first met Julia in high school I knew she had something special about her. She was a model, the class valedictorian, and humble despite her abilities. When Julia first met me she thought I was strange. We had mutual friends and went to the same parties, but I was always the one in the back room playing guitar while she was in the front dancing to music that made my ears bleed. Despite her lack of musical tastes, I pursued her relentlessly. She did love the Beatles though, and when I played “ Julia” for her after school one day, she finally agreed to let me take her out. That first date was the first time she had spent time with me one-on-one, and it
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boots_of_spanish_leather - 1 The Country to Where You're...

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