dance_with_the_devil - Have you Ever Danced with the Devil...

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Have you Ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? If I asked someone who his favorite superhero was, I would most likely hear either Batman or Superman. While the current comic book industry has waned in the past decade, the love of timeless characters like Batman and Superman has not. But what makes these characters, specifically Batman, so classic that they have the ability to transcend generations? While mass media has certainly helped, the industry cannot do it alone (although it certainly tries sometimes). There is something more to Batman, and to Tim Burton’s movie. Batman is a timeless character because the film represents a broad range of American conflicting ideals. Batman deals with the classic arguments of brain versus brawn, material versus spiritual wealth, and duty towards versus doubt of the legal system, and it is these arguments that cause viewers to connect with Batman, thus rendering him timeless. It’s clear throughout the movie that Batman is pretty bad-ass (for lack of a better term). Constantly throwing thugs out of his way as if they were flies, Batman is pretty damn tough. Our first image of him in the movie (as well as for the criminals in Gotham) is a bat silhouette flying down from the sky, gracefully landing after a fifty foot drop, and taking machine gun rounds off his chest at point blank range. Stories begin swirling about Batman, with reporter Alexander Knox serving as a catalyst. Batman is played of as a strong brute with immense strength. He is pure brawn. But when our culture thinks about brawn, the term “Meathead” often goes hand in hand with it. We don’t see people with
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dance_with_the_devil - Have you Ever Danced with the Devil...

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