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A Simple Twist of Fate It’s Saturday night and she’s crying. Well, technically it’s Sunday morning at 3:16. We were all out having a good time at our friend’s house. Smoke, the aroma of beer and head- thumping bass filled the house. I went to look for Amanda; I hadn’t seen her in a while and wanted to make sure she was ok. I went outside to see if she was grabbing a smoke when my phone started to ring. It was her. Amanda never gets sick, so when I heard her sniffling I knew she was crying. That ass-hole. He always does this. He gets drunk, calls Amanda, and tells her how much he still loves her. He tells her everything she wants to hear. But he’s always lying and she knows it. She knows that her feelings for him aren’t reciprocated, that after two years he just stopped loving her. Every conversation ends the same way, him laughing and her crying. I left the party to help her. I’ve always struggled with human existence. I’ve always wondered whether we’re little gears in God’s clock. I like to think we have free-will, but there are some things that make me challenge that belief. Some things just make me believe in fate. It was fate that caused Amanda and me to cross paths. January 18 th , 1987, we were both born on the same day, and we both ended up in the same kindergarten class. In an effort to get us to know each other better, Mrs.
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