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Unformatted text preview: 01699483321 51 HIGH7 «ÜHOff71MIS» M l» r * B B V e r s io n 20146 Section 1 3<8RAman wants to find ajob Complete the notes below. 1 Address: Elsinore (with spelling) 2 Cell phone number: 077896245 01699483321 minh (firstly give the home telephone num ber and itbao 7 s better contact her by cell phone) Work experience: 3 part-tim e job as a w aiter 4 as a baseball coach at a high school 5 at the beach as a rescue diver (life guard). 6 Other relevant skills: diving 7 Need certificate, it will expire in: October y ti& T N ovem ber i^ J E T 8 Preferred working time: Saturday mornings (Man likes working in the weekend and he works in the restaurant during the weekdays. But on Sunday, there are a lot o f people working here.) 9 He can start work at 6 o’ clock 10 Source of information: from radio (He doesn ’ t like to read Newspapers. ) 52 HIEH7 < M K 7 ]M 8 > 9IJ9W rA H aVersion 2 0 1 2 5 Section 1 ±§£}i5*: ;<S9h^£BBfftL&ltwo oversea students in Australia send gifts to friends Complete the notes below. 01699483321 1 0ne friend’ s nationality is Canadianbao From the Country of Canada 2. Photo of their reading group 3- Penny's gift is bag 4. Put postcard in the gift list 5- The watch is for a Japanese friend 6. Website: ww w. auspost .com 7. It is the cheapest mail package 8. Compensation amount: 100 9. The color of the 1st package: golden The color of the second is red 10. Total price:56 (5 persons, 11.2 each) minh 53 m « s a sus — ---------------- »_________________________________ HIEH7 m & w n m m H S V rA H S iV e rs io n 2 0 1 2 7 Section 1 ± § i§ S : SlDidnBSiCTDifferent ways to book the Concert tickets Q u e s tio n s 1 -6 C o m p le te th e ta b le b e lo w . Contact methods example By internet By Phone By 3 agency Additional charge(fee) Book 4 days in advance 01699483321 bao minh2 2.5 pounds,3 days in advance Though the entrance to 4 side door Free of charge, book 3 days in advance Open at 6 4.30 PM By shop near the 5 market The concert begins at 7and opens at 4:30. It is 2 o ’ clock and we can buy the tickets if we leave now. Questions 7-10 Complete the sentences below . 7 The first one has a restaurant and a garden (in Summer, people can have meals in the garden) 8 There is a cafe in the basement 9 There is a cinema, the theme of film on festival is action movie. 10 Recommend others to join and then can get the ??? 11 Benefit: you can enjoy summer parties 12 to get the signature from superstar and discour 57 A— ^ 54 h ie h 7 «sssnifniia» 9IJ9W rAN SVersion 6 8 1 2 3 Section 1 ±SS}i5*: open an account at the bank Complete the notes below. 1 1nterest rate is 1.3% higher. (The operator told the customer that their interest rate is 1.3% higher than other banks) 01699483321 bao minh 2 Only need to make notice 30 days in advance (the operator told the custom er that special service for the saving pared with other banks, withdrawing the m oney is 30 days in advance rather than 60 days) 3 Minimum account opening balance 300 (operator told the custom er that the average account is balance $ifcp£<Wiis 6 0 0 ) 4-5) Besides saving account, Life insurance and house insurance is provided. 6 The bank still has investment schemes besides above two options. (not patient in s u ra n c e -it’ s future plan) 7 The transaction to withdraw cash can be done in the way of online transfer. (by post or phone is not correct,) 8 Need an interview 9 Time period: 10 working days, 10 branch manager is in charge (account adm inistrator ’ s duty is to open account) 55 HIGH7 «illMllTftfllg» fttS llfrA N S V ersio n 2 0 1 2 8 Section 1 a u i* £ £ im m Two students discuss arrange the academic meeting on physics lecture Questions 1-4 Complete the notes below . 1 Name: Prichett (double - t) 2 Lecture room number: 302 01699483321 bao minh (three hundred and two, 301 need to be refurnished) There provides: iced coffee and air condition 3 Lunch at: canteen (man said cafeteria, women corrected it to be canteen coz time is so tight) 4 Arrange a car to airport at 2.00 (car would go to the station, m anager said is would go to airport) Questions 5-10 Complete the table below . Hotel name International Hotel ****Hotel location problems Near city 5 centre Closed coz it is on Station decoration 6 near river 7 expensive Near the 8 hotel 9 noisy Near the 10 Park It is small, will packed 56 HIGH7 «illMllTftfllg» M l» r * B B V e r s io n 2 0 1 2 9 Section 1 ±§§Ke55: BfcKtJMSflfThe washing machine did not work, and a woman need to repair it Complete the notes below. 1 Reference number: CWX576884 01699483321 bao minh (combined with letters and numbers ) 2 When did the man buy the fridge: 9 months ago (bought it in last September) 3 Postcode: G0194KE 4 Address: Middle Street Problems o f fridge: Because of the 5 water, it was out of control and 6 switched off automatically. 7 The floor which was made of wood was wet. How to g e t help from others to fix it? 8 The client engineers are available next Tuesday 9. Contact the client engineer 10 The repair company is opposite to the post office 57 ^ îts s a js HIEH7 < M K 7 ]« I8 > 9!J8V r2ll(S V ersio n 2 0 1 3 2 Section 1 Questions 1-5 Complete the notes below . 1. The exact address: Next to a garage 2. Park car in the West Park as the north is only for staff- 01699483321 bao minh 3. The Closing Time for the center is till midnight in December 4. Hotel provides special drink, including hot chocolate 5. There is a variety of food for children, then Mum ask whether there is pizza available. Questions 6-10 Complete the table below. The second table is to ask a variety o f curriculum arrangem ents and notes. Curriculum Snowboarding Attention What to w ear Notes 6 NO advanced Curriculum Beginners’ Cannot hold in need to rent 9 jeans is Ski Package 7 raining 8 boots, forbidden Synchronize Need to wear 10 warm clothes 58 h ie h 7 «sssnifniia» 9 1 3 W rllfi3 V e rs io n 30131 Section 1 ±§SJi^: A man want to rent the house and applied for the facilities for his disabled father. Complete the notes below. 1. Address: near the post office Oh, where are you? 01699483321 minh t c : Em, we are in the central town, it's easy/bao convenient to find in the city centre. Is it near the grove garden?, I am afraid it is not near/close to the green wood G arden; but the post office m ight be nearby/very close. FfrLUMpost office. 2. the Sports Centre 3. Time to open the door: 9.00 am - 4.30 pm 3 o m i : 30 / n m m i m K e x t e n d to ~ ) (m m , 4. Day off: Mondays and Sundays 5. no wall rail/stair lift ( for arm chair) it: W e h a v e s ta ir lift, a n d th e y can u s e it to lift th e m up M i t t S w a l l w h e e ls , F f f L U { M J ' F f f l f M f t w am w m im m tn 7tm ±m 6 .2 hours 7. materials 8. seats 9. for 6 w eeks 10. personal alarm ( h a s ....... ( ) Bt hl ^ gener al al ar m whi ch ) , but t he per sonal alarm can ( sounds n e ce ssa ry) » SiT: g t £ ^ - 59 HIGH7 «ÜHOff71MIS» fè S lIfr A H S V e r s io n 3 0 1 3 2 Section 1 Î l S l i S : ïilg iS ü H o u s e rent, th e re a re 3 ty p e o f houses available Complete the notes below. Example: University House Cost: 87 per w eek • University House 01699483321 1. There are 6 rooms in total: living room bao minh 2. Shared facilities in the apartment: bathroom Kitchen Washing machine 3. Each room has: TV and video 4. This room specially provides: wash basin • XXXX House on campus 5. study room 6. Each room has: balcony 7. Cost includes: accommodation and evening meals • Private XX House 8. Cost: $100 per w eek the ads said $70 each week 9. Provide the facilities: each room has: lamp m i: Ü Ü S I} 60 h ie h 7 «sssnifniia» 9IJ9W rA N SVersion 3 0 1 3 3 Section 1 ttEflSSWrcl^iilSISA girl invited a man to make a questionnaire about the community survey Complete the notes below. 1. Address: Fowler Road ( W pronounced as Double 01699483321 bao minh U) 2. Postcode: R062LR 3.The man's occupation: waiter The evaluation of the city: 4. the cleanness of streets ( ) the air is fresh because of many parks here 5. The dissatisfaction: health service is poor 6. The impression of police is good. 7. The satisfaction comes from: there are many parks available for him to walk with his wife 8. The schools are convenient and of high quality Suggestion: 9. the most important thing is to ask the local people. people The man laughed, no, the local I think 10. Except the swimming pool need to be improved, others are fine. 61 HIEH7 «38iSQlT7]*l£» ÏIS W rÎI S V e rs io n 3 0 1 3 4 Section 1 ± 6 £ e«f : restaurantiT£i££$house cleaning service Q u estio n s 1 -7 C o m p le te th e ta b le b elo w . nniiE%!g, m zxm 'j>, Location A In the 1 Southwest 01699483321 bao minh m m m m Room types 2 office Change the 4 bedsheet NO B 3 double rooms C for children leaning windows; too dangerou Clearing the 5 carpet Every 3 months, (^MWbaby D 6 bathroom 1 wash/ iron the clothes Questions 8 -1 0 Complete the notes below. Client’ s inform ation 8 Address: Anyes/Amyes Street 9 Date available: Thursday ( not first d a y ) M onday is not a va ilab le) 10 The longest work booking time: 3 hours /each time 4 62 ^«sasas — ---------------- »_________________________________ HIEH7 m & w n m m 9 !3 V r £ lU V e r s io n 3 0 1 3 5 Section 1 ±S§üâ5: discuss the hotel to hove a wedding—^ —é:®ttn5ülJSÛ?Î#1f Questions 1-2 Complete the sentences below. 1. The Gate Hotel locates in: Bridge Street 2. Sheraton Hall hotel is very popular as a conference centre for many business companies. 01699483321 bao minh Questions 3-7 Matching Discuss the 3 hotels of A, B, C and list the advantages and disadvantages A Gate Hotel B The Prince Hotel C Sheraton Hall 3. old fashioned exterior C 4. With own big garden B 5. inconvenient location B locates in the suburbs, so it is inconvenient after the wedding cerem ony 6. good choice of menu A The food in B is expensive and the food in A is international. 7. limited car parking A Don't w orry the parking for B, and there is a basem ent in C Questions 8-10 Complete the sentences below. Then they chose the prince Hotel and introduce som e information about it 8. The price of basic package is 4800 pounds. ( ^ 5 0 0 + 0 ffü ^ U M ità ^ ffü M p rim a ry i£M prem ium ) 9.17.95 pounds each person, course meal including coffee I buffet ( also m ention the m ilk ) 10. - Ms. Cornell ™sût: nmm 68 63 h ie h 7 S B S V rA H S V ersion 3 0 1 3 6 Section 1 ±1531^: fiS^l/SFF^SiTiSireserve the hotel to have a birthday party Complete the notes below. 1. Price: 75 pounds 01699483321 baoofminh 2. The Standard and price of three kinds food 3. Traditional menu and settings 4. The amount of money: 39.90 (maybe 39.50) 5. Extra money for drinks 6. Need to reserve and can get the discount of 45% 7-10) offer 3 kinds of services 7. music-finding of a band 8. Order flowers 9. Make the name card 10the person to contact called Janice Corgen 64 HIGH7 «illMllTftfllg» X IIillfrA B S V ersio n 30139 Section 1 M BesRAd ( ) Complete the notes below. 1. Address: Wickford Road 2. Membership Package: silver package 01699483321 bao minh ( as Golden is for full tim e ) 3. Start time: facilities open from 7.30 a.m. to 3.45p.m ( T ffc lt opens at 6 and the club opens at 6 : 3 5 ) 4. Discount fee: $25 ( per m onth) ( normal joining fee is 40, there is a 15% o ff) 5. $30 is the Joining fee: The o ffe re d activities: 6. tennis ( outside o n ly ) 7. dance classes ( it does not offer yoga class , but - is a va ila b le ) 8. cafe ( all weep open, for everyday) 9. can hire a towel for 50 cents 10. Two documents to register: forms and photos J J A W S f® » « -ij <§iT: IHtJSff 65 HIEH7 «3ISnif7]ilíí» lüS W rA H S V ersion 20147 Section 1 SiSHiTSSS 1. The woman knows the company from: a friend ft/ie salesm an asks the woman where she get to know the com pany, from TV or newspaper) 2. The woman’ s surname: Mills 3-7 Tape script M : Can I help you, m a d a m ? You m a y read y o u r brochure a n d tell m e the code o f the p ro d u ct yo u want. W : On pag e — M : S o rry, I m e a n the c o d e o f the g o o d . W e c a n n o t c h e c k fro m the p a g e n u m b e r: W : I n e e d a b a rb e c u e grill. M : W o u ld y o u p le a s e tell m e th e co d e o f the g rill on o u r b ro c h u re ? W : Well, i t ’ s — . M y frie n d h a v e e v e r u s e d th a t a n d he to ld m e the n a m e is J E N IA M : Is th a t G - E - N - l - A ? W : Yes. EN, I a ls o a b e d s h e e t, h o w m u ch is it? M : It is 1 0 .7 5 d o lla rs ? W h a t is y o u r id e a l c o lo r? W : I p re fe r the lig h t one. The c re a m color. A n d I the la s t ite m is the d e sk lam p, w h o se co d e is --------- 01699483321 bao minh Questions 6-10 Complete the table below . The second table is to ask a variety of curriculum arrangem ents and notes. Code Brand Price Color 3 Barbecue Genia desk The second good 4 bed sheet 5, $ 10,75 Light 6 cream 7 desk lamp 8. Send goods to: CX192RU (rea d a s : C , X a h u n d re d a n d n in ete en tw o R U ) 9. Total price: $ 199.10 10. Pay by: cheque on a rriv a l on g o o d s (the w o m a n p re fe r to p a y b y cheque, the m a n sa ys tha t s h e ca n p a y ; f ^ ^ M M t f it t M ^ F M ^ c r e d it card, M fM ch e q u e in m i: 71 66 «illMllTftfllg» HIGH7 »¡SWttlWaVersion 30101 Section 1 A man apply membership of a club on protecting birds 1. w hat’ s the job of this: to collect fees and donation. (female: reception we are not having any government support all the money are from donation and membership) 01699483321 bao minh 2. Helpers working in this club also have a record to prove his/her experience. 3. The way of protection: guarding bird’ s nest 4. Annual fee: Children 14, and family 54 per year (the trap said: each adult is 27, family) 5. Family activities include competitions and outdoor Games 6. There will be special package, including some souvenirs and posters 7. Nature reservation tour activity, wild trip by a guide who stays with them 8. Payment: w e can pay by post and by phone 9. Application will arrive by 25th, Aug if he wants bring his nephew a Birthday present 10. Finally, they may be honored a gift of membership 4 67 W itm m a is , — ____________________________________________ HIEH7 < « B K 7 ]iia > il9IV r2lll3V ersio n 30102 Section 1 Peter wants to share the accommodation with Jim Complete the notes below. 1.Rent for JiirT s room: ” $” 80 (P e te r’ s room is larger, so the rent could go for $110. Jim is satisfied with the current room for the previous one is sm aller and more expensive.) 2.Car can park in the garage 01699483321 bao :S th e bus station is far, but it is lucky that minh we have garage) 3.Jim works in the supermarket tw ice a w eek (Jim works in the Supermarket, so Peter thought it was convenient to buy production) 4.Peter wants to take ride for Jim, sharing p etro l. m m A ± m im , 5.Jim needs to bring a heater (Microwave Oven isprovided by landlord) 6.Peter wants Jim to bring a toaster JtilSfll (^W £l£k& tM lM M icrow ave oven BSMtoaster. There was a M icrowave oven, broken o r taken away; Peter wants Jim to bring a to a ste r(S M ), {M$^{tiJ$M£iS;ffixE***toast, M M icrowave oven to toast zj]i^j'J&t%) 7.Telephone is in the kitchen (Jim asked why the telephone was not in the living room. Because the Bedroom is noisy and PETER said it is in the kitchen) 8.Date to move: on 1st June (because they can watch games together) 9.Date to watch games: on Friday evening (Jim and Peter watch gam es together on Friday evening, and they are both the fans) 10.Jim would move in after his exam Jim will move in after his exam. SiT: 73 68 & «r-» - r o n r > /\ i&r. 9Si® rI ill mi HIGH7 «illMllTftfllg» »¡SWttlWaVersion 30114 Section 1 An conversation of Selling DVD and sorting DVD Hr-^store officer 19— Questions 1 -3 Map 1. DVD players------C 2. DVDs------E 3. CDs------F 01699483321 bao D fHiiliVideo Recorders, E UtiiiiVideos, minh Questions 4-6 Complete the notes below. 4. Move 3 I 8 items to her room is Rmm3 is 5. Clean 6. Signs Questions 7-10 Matching A reduce price of each item B reduce price of several items if buy them together C remain the current price 7. dram a------C 8. general DVDs------B buy two get one free 3 ft 9. foreign film s------A each item 5 dollars off 10. com edy------C 4. 74 Jr 69 ^ « s s a js HIEH7 m m K J im m SSW rAHSVersion 30115 Section 1 ±§Si5^: A girl asks about an art course —1^Îc^i^gS^7ï®(Étli)Miïîi Questions 1-4 Choose the correct letter, A, B or C. 1. What is this course mainly about? A Landscape B Object C people people ; M ^ fïin ittM M m W ïW fê ïïs e a /o c e a n # ) 01699483321 bao minh 2. What feature does this course have? A is suitable both for adult and kids B improve the existing skill of literacy M 3. What’ s the destination of this filed trip? A in France B in Britain C in Italy (Rome) 4. The man is going to make cards himself because the card is A attractive B personal C expensive Questions 5-10 Complete the notes below. 5. Name: Herde 6. Address: 40 Long Road 7. The course she took before: IT (information Technology) course 8. Post Code: OX*****Q 1ü¥M&$tfJûmoX1 3QR) 9. Reference Number: 10. Payment: by Credit Card 4. SSiT: (S A jn o t enough cash) 75 70 HIGH7 «illMllTftfllg» JtSWrilKSVersion 30116 Section 1 iSSSiS: Hotel «¡m Complete the notes below. 1. Name of the hotel Central Hotel 01699483321 bao minh 2. Address in the card/label needs to be amplified (enlarged) 3. The pool need to be moved 4. Good view 5. Lounge should be changed to reception 6. Spanish is now being translated (Chinese need to ask supervisor), German (Not required at m om ent, and Japanese) 7. Price has been printed in Red color 8. It will arrive before July 9. manager’ s Name: Cliffton 10. telephone number: 093036602 71 HIEH7 < M K 7 ]« I8 > H J9V rA H S V ersion 30117 Section 1 SBSiSlshe wants to loose some weight. A woman is consulting a Well-being Center for health Questions 1-6 Complete the notes below. 1 Current Job: nurse (trap: she want to be a teacher in the future teaching) 01699483321 bao minh 2 Tel. No: 0407 686121 Symptom: 3 Frequent headache 4 Occasional cold 5 Allergies to Seafood 6 Have problem with her Eyes Questions 7-10 Complete the table below. Activity Time Last Venue Walk 7 30 min at the beginning 8 Park 9 yoga 90 min 10 sports centre P-fr 72 M nm sm a — ---------------- ^ _______________________________ HIEH7 ( I l i m g ) JtSWrilKSVersion 30118 Section 1 ± 1 » : ÎT ^ iS tâ S ^ E N T A IN M E N T £51, SiSS^TÎBMBÎÎBlSMto Complete the notes below. Questions 1-4 Matching A . sold out B. no cheap ticket available C. dates changed 01699483321 D. new starting time E. cancel F. different performers G. for free Question 1— Question 2— Question 3— Question 4— bao minh D. new starting time E. Cancel G. for free A. sold out Questions 5-10 Complete the sentences below. M —'h fë Ë P R O G R A M 5. New opera 6. Ticket price: 30 pounds 7. place 1: theatre 8. place 2: Library 9. place 3: Town Hall 10. place 5: Studio SSiT: 78 A 73 HIGH7 «illMllTftfllg» St&WrilKSVersion 30119 Section 1 A student called Anna Grieg talked to a police officer, because she encountered burglar. Complete the notes below. Name 1 GREIE Anna 01699483321 bao minh Date of birth 2 15th March 1980 (in tape it said “fifteen the th ird ” ) Address/Post code 3 Ellendale Postcode: W 5X2AT Nationality 4 ******(unsure) Previous experience 5 none (it happened once downstairs, but nothere, so it should be none) How long have stayed in the property in UK 6 8month Number of occupant 7 1 Burglar came from 8 backdoor Serial number of Lost computer 9 G4168770 (it’ s really fast in the tape, be attention!) The stuff/material of purse 10 Silver cloth PURSE 74 h ie h 7 «sssnifniia» IlSIVrftHgiVersion 30120 Section 1 A man asks some questions about delivering products. Complete the notes below. 1 1f items are not sold on Internet, Must go and buy clothing in stores. (furniture can be ordered on internet Furniture M rF ^ F M cl othi ng) 2 Fee of deliver...
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