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1 Comm. 230: Final Exam (a) Name ____________________________ Section ___________________________ TA ______________________________ Notes: Use the test booklets for all answers unless indicated on this sheet. Please start your answer to each question on a new page with the question number at the top of each page circled . Short, thoughtful answers will count more than long verbose answers. We run all answers through a “hot air” detector! 1. You have just seen the last scenes of North by Northwest by Hitchcock. Concentrate on just the last shot. Using the terminology and concepts used by Messaris, explain the meaning of the shot, and how that meaning is created. (35 pts.) Answer this question in the test booklet. Answer the following questions on this page. 2. We started and ended the semester discussing four hypotheses about visual literacy. What level of support did we conclude there was for each? Explain your answer. (2 pts. Each ) (1) True—strong support (2) True—some support (3) False—no support a. ____Visual literacy is a prerequisite for understanding visual meaning b. ____Visual literacy leads to greater cognitive abilities c. ____Visual literacy leads to greater resistance to the influence of visuals d. ____Visual literacy leads to greater aesthetic appreciation. 3. True or False Proportions which are less obvious are more interesting. (2 pts each) 4. True or False Balance is the perceived equilibrium which imposes a felt or unconscious axis on a given visual. 5. True or False Stress is present when visual elements appear to not have stability.
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