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Review Sheet for Prelim 3 1. Statistic tests:  When to use what? One-sample chi-square test Cross-tab k-dimension chi-square test One-sample t-test Paired-sample t-test Independent-sample t-test ANOVA Correlation/Regression 2. Chi-square test for testing hypothesis What does chi-square test do? Calculation of chi-square values and degree of freedom Issues with chi-square test Need to know how to read SPSS output to answer questions 3. t-test for testing hypothesis What does t test do? When to use one-sample t-test, paired-sample t-test, and independent-sample t-test?
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Unformatted text preview: Levenes test of equal variance Need to know how to read SPSS output to answer questions 4. Experimental design Strengths and weakness of experiments in comparison to field research Threats to internal and external validity Key components of true experimental design Different true experimental designs and identification of the effects of test-sensitization, history, experiments, etc....
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