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Quiz_I_2008_ans - physical ingredients necessary to get SHM...

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Physics of Sound 2008 Answers Quiz I Question 1 A wave is observed to have a period of 0.5 seconds and a wavelength of 2 meters. What is the wave propagation speed? Frequency is the inverse of period, so the frequency is 1/(0.5s)= 2 Hz Frequency times wavelength is the wave speed. So the wave speed is: (2Hz)*(2meters) = 4 (m/s) Question 2 What are the necessary factors in order to obtain “simple harmonic motion”? There are two
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Unformatted text preview: physical ingredients necessary to get SHM – inertia (the fact that mass requires a force in order to change the state of motion) and a linear restoring force (the tendency of things to push back when you move them from their equilibrium position). In terms of equations the property of inertia is represented by Newtons second law (F=ma) and the property of linear restoring force means that the force law is a line (F=-kx)....
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