paper #1 - Janelle Ogren U.S. History to 1865 Professor...

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Janelle Ogren U.S. History to 1865 Professor Ponce October 11, 2007 Paper #1, Option E Creating a New Nation – Question Two The United States may seem like an indestructible nation today, but this was not always the case. For years, America was under British rule and only after independence was won in the late 1770s did Americans begin to build the nation we know today. However, creating this new nation was not an easy feat and Americans faced many struggles and setbacks in order to find the best form of government possible. Although there were different opinions, shared American values are seen within the Constitution and the formation of this country’s Constitution was crucial to the success of the nation. The reason this new form of government prevailed was due to these shared values of leadership, unity, independence, education and pride and the American citizen’s dedication to these values. The importance of good leadership was a fundamental aspect of the early part of American history. The influence that our first president, George Washington, had on the creation of the nation, and the respect he generated as a result of his leadership is easily seen in many historical documents. In an undated glass painting commemorating his death, Washington was referenced as being “renowned in war, great in the Senate, and possessed of every qualification to render him worthy the title of a GREAT and GOOD MAN” ( Document 6.6). His death was obviously a great loss to the nation and is shown
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paper #1 - Janelle Ogren U.S. History to 1865 Professor...

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