paper #2 - Janelle Ogren United States History to 1865...

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Janelle Ogren United States History to 1865 Professor Ponce Fall 2007 Paper #2, Option E The Civil War – Question Two When most people think of a war, they think of the soldiers who fought that war and the battles they fought. However, the lives of civilians during times of war are often overlooked. The Civil War had almost as many casualties combined from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War. Also, the Civil War affected the freedom of slaves during that time. Therefore, the lives of ordinary Americans, slave and free, were greatly affected in that the relationships within families were compromised, numerous loved ones’ lives were lost, and the lives of slaves were tremendously impacted. The Civil War, hence its name, was a war between citizens within the United States. As with any other war, there were two distinct sides, the Union and the Confederacy, with each having very specific opinions. Most people in the North sided with the Union, while most people in the South sided with the Confederates. However, there were some discrepancies to this generalization. As a result of this, individuals within families might hold different beliefs, causing a rift in their relationship. This can be seen within document 11.6a where a father tries to plead to Wm. H. Seward to release his son who is being held prisoner by the Union army. Within the letter, J. R. Underwood explains that he has “instil[led] in the minds of [his] children a love for the Union of all the States under the Constitution. To that they have no objections, but their views are
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paper #2 - Janelle Ogren United States History to 1865...

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