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Unformatted text preview: 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 GRE佛脚备考系列列之 填空机经Volume 1 1/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 CHECKLIST DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 DAY 7 DAY 8 DAY 9 DAY 10 DAY 11 DAY 12 DAY 13 DAY 14 DAY 15 2/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 Section 1 5 Section 2 12 Section 3 20 Section 4 27 Section 5 35 Section 6 42 Section 7 51 Section 8 58 Section 9 65 Section 10 72 Section 11 80 Section 12 88 Section 13 95 Section 14 102 Section 15 110 Section 16 117 Section 17 125 Section 18 132 Section 19 139 Section 20 147 Section 21 155 Section 22 162 Section 23 169 Section 24 176 Section 25 183 Section 26 191 Section 27 197 Section 28 204 Section 29 211 Section 30 218 Section 31 225 Section 32 232 Section 33 240 Section 34 247 Section 35 254 Section 36 261 3/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 Section 37 268 Section 38 276 Section 39 283 Section 40 290 Section 41 297 Section 42 304 Section 43 310 Section 44 317 Section 45 324 Section 46 331 Section 47 338 Section 48 345 Section 49 353 Section 50 361 Section 51 368 Section 52 376 Section 53 383 Section 54 390 4/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 Section 1 1 1. Core Vocabulary 词汇预览 序号 单词 英⽂文解释 中⽂文解释 1 unidimensional adj. lacking depth 肤浅的 2 ballyhoo v. talk or writing that is designed to get ⼤大肆宣传 people excited or interested in something 3 quip n. a clever, witty remark 机智幽默的评论 4 pensive adj. lost in serious or sad thought (悲伤的)思考的 5 droll adj. having an odd and amusing quality 古怪的,搞笑的 6 stoicism n. indifference to pleasure or pain : 淡泊 impassiveness 7 fastidious adj. very careful about how you do something ⼩小⼼心谨慎的 8 congenial adj. very friendly 友善的 9 sound adj. based on valid reasoning 合理理的 10 intriguing adj. extremely interesting 吸引⼈人的 11 retroactive adj. effective from a particular date in the 有追溯效⼒力力的 past 12 slacken v. to become slower or less active : to slow 使变慢 down 13 dampen v. to make (something) less strong or active 抑制 14 drag v. to pull along with difficulty or effort; haul 拖拽 15 panacea n. something that will make everything about 万灵药 a situation better 16 1 collapse v. to break apart and fall down suddenly 瓦解,崩塌 本section为2013年年11⽉月16⽇日中国⼤大陆地区GRE考试第⼀一个section原题 5/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 17 tout v. to promote or praise energetically 兜售,⼤大⼒力力吹捧 18 tenuous adj. not certain, definite, or strong : flimsy, 薄弱的,站不不住脚 weak, or uncertain 的 19 legitimate v. to show or affirm to be justified 使合理理 20 augment v. to increase the size or amount of 放⼤大 (something) 21 disgorge 22 qualitative v. to discharge the contents of adj. of or relating to how good something is : 吐露露 质量量上的 of or relating to the quality of something 23 surplus n. an amount (such as an amount of money) 多余,过量量 that is more than the amount that is needed 24 avert v. to prevent (something bad) from 避免,阻⽌止 happening 25 forestall v. to stop (something) from happening or to 阻⽌止 cause (something) to happen at a later time v. to continue to exist in the same state or 26 endure 持续 condition v. to experience (pain or suffering) for a long 忍受 time 27 presage v. to give or be a sign of (something that will 预测,预⾔言 happen or develop in the future) 28 portend v. v. to be a sign or warning that something 预示 usually bad or unpleasant is going to happen 29 clandestine adj. done secretly 秘密的,隐蔽的 30 perilous adj. full of danger 危险的 31 covert adj. secret or hidden 秘密的,隐蔽的 32 exhilarate v. to cause (someone) to feel very happy and 使兴奋 excited 33 rudimentary adj. basic or simple 基本的 34 heterogeneous adj. made up of parts that are different 不不同的 6/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 2. Key Synonyms 关键同义词 -1 序号 核⼼心意思 词群 1 阻⽌止 avert, forestall, obviate, preclude, prevent 2 预测, 预示 foresee, anticipate, forecast, predict, presage, portend 3 阻碍 block, hinder, hamper, impede, obstruct, check, thwart 4 危险的 precarious, perilous, dangerous, hazardous, risky 5 秘密的 clandestine, covert, secret, furtive, stealthy, underground 6 有关联的 interrelated, interdepedent 7 不不同的, 多样的 heterogeneous, dissimilar, disparate, distinct, diverse 3. Phrases and Expressions 语⾔言积累表 -1 序号 习语表达 解释 1 be known for 以……闻名 2 refer to 提到,谈到 3 be struck by 对……感到惊讶 7/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 4. Authentic Questions 1. Scientists have argued not only that the chains of atoms called ladder compounds have ______ theoretical interest but also that studies of such systems can lead to important practical applications. A. limited
 B. dubious C. superfluous
 D. unidimensional E. intrinsic 2. While the writer was best known for her much-ballyhooed ______, her impact reached far beyond memorable quips. A. pensiveness B. drollness C. stoicism D. fastidiousness E. congeniality 3. Although the vast weight of evidence supports the contention that the products of agricultural biotechnology are environmentally (i)______, many people still find them (ii)______ unsettling.
 Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. destructive D. retroactively B. sound E. innocuously C. intriguing F. intrinsically 8/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 4. World demand for oil had been intensified, but it slackened because China’s surge in oil consumption had (i)______. Moreover, high oil prices had themselves started to act as a shortterm (ii)______ the global economy, thus further dampening demand. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. spread D. spur to B. commenced E. drag on C. slowed F. panacea for 5. Although she admitted that her airport expansion plan had recently collapsed, the governor (i)______ the significance of the failure, pointing out that competing economic development proposals are now more (ii)______. Blank (i) Blank (i) A. minimized D. tenuous B. touted E. complicated C. acknowledged F. important 6. It is possible for human to go 40 or more hours without sleep and still be able to (i)______ information acquired at the beginning of the sleepless period. Thus, when we are considering a role for sleep in human memory consolidation, we are referring to a possible role in the (ii)______ encoding of information and optimizing of recall, not a (iii)______ of sleep for recalling events of the prior day. Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) A. legitimate D. longer-term G. requirement B. augment E. acute H. surplus
 C. disgorge F. qualitative I. facet 9/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 7. Not only is the advent of bookless or largely bookless libraries too large and powerful a change to be ______, it also offers too many real advantages for it to be considered a tragedy. A. understood
 B. averted C. foreseen D. forestalled E. endured
 F. anticipated 8. Although men still dominate the ranks of full professors in the field of astronomy, the increasing numbers of younger women in the field could ______ a change in its gender mix.
 A. require
 B. alleviate C. block D. presage E. portend F. hinder 9. The life of a secret agent is dangerous enough, but the life of a double agent is infinitely more ______: a single slip can send an agent crashing to destruction.
 A. arduous
 B. precarious C. clandestine D. perilous E. covert
 F. exhilarating 10/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 10. An apparent paradox led the scientists to pursue their present line of research. They were struck by the fact that a single mathematic formula can be used to describe physical phenomena that appear to be so ______.
 A. rudimentary
 B. interdependent C. interrelated D. complex
 E. heterogeneous F. dissimilar 11/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 Section 2 1 1. Core Vocabulary 词汇预览-2 序号 单词 英⽂文解释 中⽂文解释 1 mercurial adj. changing moods quickly and often 任性多变的 2 phlegmatic adj. having or showing a slow and stolid 冷漠的 temperament 3 apathetic adj. not having or showing much emotion or 漠不不关⼼心的 interest 4 cunning adj. getting what is wanted in a clever and 狡猾机智的 often deceptive way adj. dexterous or crafty in the use of special 技艺⾼高超的 resources 5 blithe adj. happy and without worry 快乐的,⽆无忧⽆无虑 的 6 authoritarian adj. expecting or requiring people to obey 独裁的 rules or laws : not allowing personal freedom 7 histrionic adj. too emotional or dramatic 做作的,不不⾃自然的 8 megalomania n. a condition or mental illness that causes ⾃自⼤大狂 people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance 9 egalitarian adj. aiming for equal wealth, status, etc., for 平等的 all people 10 11 12 1 indolent adj. not liking to work or be active 懒惰的 charismatic adj. having great charm or appeal 有魅⼒力力的 prognosis n. a judgment about what is going to 预测,预后 happen in the future 本section为2013年年11⽉月16⽇日中国⼤大陆地区GRE考试第⼆二个section原题 12/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 13 14 auspicious adj. showing or suggesting that future 吉祥的 success is likely circuitous adj. not being forthright or direct in language 兜圈⼦子的,不不直接 or action 的 15 comprehensive adj. covering completely or broadly 全⾯面的 16 spontaneous adj. happening or arising without apparent ⾃自发的 external cause; self-generated. 17 glib adj. marked by ease and fluency in 油嘴滑⾆舌的 speaking or writing often to the point of being insincere or deceitful 18 veracious adj. marked by truth 真实的 19 vivacious adj. happy and lively in a way that is 活⼒力力四射的 attractive 20 forge v. to make or imitate falsely especially with 伪造 intent to defraud v. to form or bring into being especially by 锻造 an expenditure of effort 21 spurn v. to reject with disdain or contempt 因鄙视⽽而放弃 22 clique n. a small group of people who spend time ⼩小团体 together and who are not friendly to other people 23 cluster v. to come together to form a group 聚集 24 inert adj. very slow to move or act 惰性的,不不活跃的 25 jubilant adj. feeling or expressing great joy : very 欢乐的,喜悦的 happy 26 sensuous adj. affecting the senses in a pleasing way : 引起快感的 pleasant, attractive, or appealing in a way that produces or suggests feelings of physical or sexual pleasure 27 enervate v. to make (someone or something) very 使...衰弱 weak or tired 13/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 28 foreground v. to make (something) more important 强调 29 circumvent v. to avoid being stopped by (something, 避开 such as a law or rule) 30 neophyte n. a person who has just started learning or 新⼿手 doing something 31 novice n. a person who has just started learning or 新⼿手 doing something 32 pragmatism n. a reasonable and logical way of doing 务实主义 things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories 33 zealot n. a person who has very strong feelings 狂热者 about something (such as religion or politics) and who wants other people to have those feelings : a zealous person 34 meddle v. to interest oneself in what is not one's ⼲干涉 concern 35 expeditious adj. acting or done in a quick and efficient 迅速⽽而有效的 way 36 pecuniary adj. relating to or in the form of money ⾦金金钱的 37 sluggish adj. moving slowly or lazily 迟钝的,懒惰的 38 capricious 39 dilatory adj. tending or intended to cause delay 拖拉的,拖延的 40 scrupulous adj. very careful about doing something ⼩小⼼心谨慎的 adj. adj. changing often and quickly 任性多变的 correctly 41 mendacity n. lack of honesty : the condition of being 虚伪,谎⾔言 mendacious 42 meticulous adj. very careful about doing something in 谨慎的 an extremely accurate and exact way 14/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 2. Key Synonyms 关键同义词 -2 序号 核⼼心意思 词群 1 新⼿手 neophyte, novice, tyro, recruit, rookie, fledgling 2 极端主义者 zealot, extremist 3 实⽤用主义者 realist, pragmatist 4 符合,与……⼀一致 conform to, square with 5 多变的 capricious, arbitrary, fickle, mercurial, volatile 6 迟缓的 sluggish, dilatory, inert, lethargic, torpid, languid 7 ⼩小⼼心谨慎的 scrupulous, meticulous, careful, conscientious, punctilious 8 朴实的 austere, simple, unadorned, unembellished 3. Phrases and Expressions 语⾔言积累表-2 序号 习语表达 解释 1 in sharp contrast to 与……形成鲜明对⽐比 2 refer to 提到,谈到 3 to be sure 诚然,的确 4 shore up 加强,加固 5 seek out 寻找 6 evolve into 发展成,演变成 7 be attributable to 归因于 8 defer to 尊重,听从 9 accede to 同意 10 meddle with ⼲干涉 15/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 4. Authentic Questions 1. The students’ ______ natures were in sharp contrast to the even-tempered dispositions of their parents.
 A. mercurial B. blithe C. phlegmatic D. apathetic E. cunning 2. Because people expect theater directors to be authoritarians, many were surprised that Clark was so ______. A. histrionic
 B. megalomaniacal
 C. egalitarian D. indolent
 E. charismatic 3. Although the political science professor’s paper is quite (i)______ about the government’s problems, suggesting that they are part of a (ii)______ process, the prognosis for the government is, on the contrary, actually quite auspicious. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. straightforward D. degenerative B. circuitous E. comprehensive C. pessimistic F. spontaneous 16/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 4. The author of this biography gives an accurate and (i)______ account of the subject’s life story, but all of this carefully assembled detail fails to compensate for the general lack of (ii)______ in her writing. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. exhaustive D. specificity B. glib E. veracity C. selective F. vivacity 5. In adolescence, (i)______ interactions are crucial in forging a self-identity. To be sure, this process often plays out in (ii)______ as a means of defining and shoring up the sense of self. Kids will seek out like-minded companions, and spurn others who seem different. But when kept within reasonable bounds, this in-group (iii)______ generally evolves into a more mature friendship pattern. Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) A. adult D. cliquish social behavior G. alienation B. wide-ranging E. dramatic changes in personality H. clustering C. peer F. heightened sociability I. competition 6. The (i)______ quality of much contemporary drawing may be attributable to the use of photography as a drawing shortcut. Photography (ii)______ modern arts, but when it is used as a tracing tool in order to (iii)______ the difficulties of achieving correct proportion, the resulting art often feels static and lifeless. Blank (i) Blank (ii) Blank (iii) A. inert D. frequent enervated G. augment B. jubilant E. wonderfully enriched H. foreground C. sensuous F. inevitably circumscribed I. circumvent 17/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 7. In matters of taste, the art patron and collector Peggy Guggenheim was ______: she was for the strangest, the most surprising, the most satisfying, the best, the unique.
 A. a neophyte
 B. a novice C. a realist
 D. an extremist E. a pragmatist F. a zealot 8. Even though his opponent is currently trying to portray him as a wild-eyed radical, voters will likely reject this charge because it does not ______ his moderate political record.
 A. defer to
 B. conform to C. accede to D. argue with E. meddle with F. square with 9. The ______ nature of the approval process for new drugs suggests that incentives to promote more expeditious decision making may be necessary. A. pecuniary B. commercial C. arbitrary
 D. sluggish
 E. capricious F. dilatory 18/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 10. The critic claims that, contrary to its reputation for ______, the novelist’s prose is full of opaque language games. A. scrupulousness
 B. simplicity
 C. mendacity D. artlessness
 E. polish
 F. meticulousness 19/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 Section 3 1 1. Core Vocabulary 词汇预览-3 序号 单词 英⽂文解释 中⽂文解释 1 speculation n. ideas or guesses about something that is 猜测 not known 2 extraneous adj. not important ⽆无关的,次要的, 外来的 3 demonstrable adj. able to be proven or shown : possible to 可证明的 demonstrate 4 transcendent adj. lying beyond the ordinary range of 超然的 perception 5 aver adj. far better or greater than what is usual 卓越的 v. to say (something) in a very strong and 声称,断⾔言 definite way 6 feign v. to pretend to feel or be affected by 假装,伪装 (something) 7 avow v. to acknowledge or declare openly and 承认 unashamedly 8 lopsided adj. uneven or unequal 不不均衡的 9 feeble adj. very weak 衰弱的,虚弱的 10 robust adj. strong and healthy 强壮的 11 turbulent adj. moving in an irregular or violent way 混乱的 12 lethargic adj. feeling a lack of energy or a lack of 漠不不关⼼心的,缺乏 interest in doing things 热情的 n. a strong feeling of excitement and 热情,狂热 13 fervor enthusiasm 1 本section为2013年年11⽉月30⽇日中国⼤大陆地区GRE考试第⼀一个section原题 20/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 14 hybrid n. something that is formed by combining 混合物 two or more things 15 indiscriminate adj. not marked by careful distinction 不不加区分的,不不加 选择的 16 conciliate v. to make (someone) more friendly or less 安慰,调和 angry 17 exhaustive adj. including all possibilities 全⾯面的 glib adj. marked by ease and fluency in 油嘴滑⾆舌的 speaking or writing often to the point of 18 being insincere or deceitful 19 20 veracious adj. marked by truth 真实的,准确的 vivacious adj. happy and lively in a way that is 活⼒力力四射的 attractive substantial adj. large in amount, size, or number ⼤大量量的 prestigious adj. having prestige : honored 有声望的 23 anomalous adj. not expected or usual 不不寻常的,异常的 24 affinity n. a liking for or an attraction to something 倾向,偏好 n. likeness based on relationship or causal 密切关系 21 22 connection 25 objection n.a reason for disagreeing with or opposing 反对 something : a reason for objecting 26 opaque adj. difficult to understand or explain 难懂的 27 pugnacious adj. showing a readiness or desire to fight or 好争⽃斗的 argue 28 deliberate v. to think about or discuss something very 深思熟虑 carefully in order to make a decision adj. done or said in a way that is planned or 故意的 intended 29 punctilious adj. very careful about behaving properly 谨慎⼩小⼼心的 and doing things in a correct and accurate way 21/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 30 courteous adj. very polite in a way that shows respect 有礼貌的 31 complacent adj. marked by self-satisfaction especially ⾃自我感觉良好的, when accompanied by unawareness of ⾃自满的 actual dangers or deficiencies 32 truculent 好争⽃斗的 adj. easily annoyed or angered and likely to argue adj. scathingly harsh ⾔言语刻薄的 33 myriad n. a very large number of things ⼤大量量 34 attest v. to show, prove, or state that something is 证明,证实 true or real 35 heterogeneous adj. made up of parts that are different 组成多样的,混合 的 36 indeterminate adj. not able to be stated or described in an 不不确定的 exact way 37 champion n. an ardent defender or supporter of a ⽀支持者 cause or another person 38 downplay v. to defend or suport ⽀支持 v. to make (something) seem smaller or less 轻视 important 2. Key Synonyms 关键同义词 -3 序号 核⼼心意思 词群 1 忽视 disregard, ignore, overlook, neglect 2 好⽃斗的 pugnacious, truculent, belligerent, aggressive, combative 3 不不同的 diverse, heterogeneous, disparate, dissimilar, distinct 4 符合,与……⼀一致 conform to, square with 5 ⽀支持 champion, defend, advocate, endorse, back 6 轻视 downplay, de-emphasize, soft-pedal, slight 22/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 3. Phrases and Expressions 语⾔言积累表-3 序号 习语表达 解释 1 lack of 缺少,缺乏 2 in that 因为 3 acquainted with 熟悉的 4 attest to 证明 23/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 4. Authentic Questions 1. The identity of hominid remains found in a cave in the Altai Mountains was ______ until Paabo and his colleagues ended the speculation by showing that DNA sequences indicated the bones belonged to Neanderthals. A. extraneous B. conjectural C. improbable D. demonstrable E. consistent 2. Some novelists immodestly idealized and exaggerate the significance of their work, but others, ______ to exalt the role of the writer, question a transcendent view of the art. A. averring B. declining C. seeking D. feigning E. avowing 3. The economic recovery was somewhat lopsided: (i)______ in some of the industries economics while (ii)______ in others of them. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. unexpected D. robust B. feeble E. turbulent C. swift F. predictable 4. Attending with equal (i)______ to any question that presents itself, the sociologist’s work has strengths and weaknesses that flow from this energetically (ii)______ approach. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. skepticism D. hybrid B. lethargy E. indiscriminate C. fervor F. conciliatory 24/396 2017.11 佛脚备考系列列-填空机经volume 1-加强版 5. The author of this biography gives an accurate and (i)______ account of the subject’s life story, but all of this carefully assembled detail fails to compensate for the general lack of (ii)______ in her writing. Blank (i) Blank (ii) A. exhaustive D. specificity B. glib E. veraci...
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