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Homework #1 Question 1 Draw graphs of the following. a. A square wave of period T= 10 ms and amplitude A=1 V b. A sawtooth wave of period T=2 ms and amplitude A=2 V c. A triangular wave of period T=5 ms amplitude A=3 V Calculate the frequencies of these waves. Question 2 Draw a graph of two sinusoidal waves that have the same period (T=4 s) and amplitude (A=1 V) where the phase of the second wave is 90
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Unformatted text preview: ( π /2 radians) behind the phase of the first. Question 3 Sketch the waveform of a damped simple harmonic oscillator of (period T=1 s) for two complete oscillations. Question 4 What are the units of position, velocity, acceleration, and momentum? How does force affect motion (this is called Newton’s second law)?...
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