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Hierarchy in Brinkerhoff Inc

Hierarchy in Brinkerhoff Inc - -Employees will be motivated...

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Hierarchy in Brinkerhoff Inc- -Simple structure -Task interdependence -Brinkerhoff-President and General Manager Under Brinkerhoff there are four people- 1. Don Noakes (contacts representative) 2. Karin Boettcher(contacts representative) 3. Dan Mostowy (Marketing Manager) 4. Kurt Mannheim(Safety Supervisor) Under Don Noakes is Rita Major who is the contracts assistant Under Karin Boettcher is Fiona Noranha(Data input clerk) and Deobrah Kobyllka(Payroll and Safety) There are seven rig managers- 1E-Rick Kopulos 14E-Rolf Kostka 20-Tom Rossick 21-Ray Loewen 22-Marvin Findlater 27-Mike Chubaty 28-George Rowland Under the Rig Managers there are 3 Drillers, 3 Derrickmen and 3 Motormen, 6 Floormen. Selecting the right group to fit the firm is very important-
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Unformatted text preview: -Employees will be motivated and satisfied and they will show commitment to the organization and its goals and this will help retain emplyees-If emplyees do not fit they will be unsatisfied and this will lead to poor performance, absenteeism and high costs will be required to replace employees Organization fit is as important as job fit if not more--Jobs are becoming increasingly dynamic and the nature of jobs change very quickly, therefore if a person is hired on basis of a job fit, once the nature of the job changes that person is useless-Employee feels motivated, committed and comfortable-Less training cost as employee fits the organization Therefore employee must fit strategies, cultures and values of a firm....
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