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KARNIK SHAH LECTURE NUMBER-14627 CHAPTER 11, CASE INCIDENT 2 DISCUSSION NUMBER-14727 Blogs are short for web logs. A blog is like a personal online diary. They combine text, pictures, videos, audio and links to other blogs.Blogs affect many aspects of the communication process. Blogging affects the sender of the message and the noise aspect of the communication process. The sender of a message in the communication process usually has to contact the receiver and personally convey the message to him at a mutually convenient time and the sender usually has to incur large expenses for this. Blogging, however enables the sender to send a message to a large number of people, anywhere in the world at any time convenient to him at no cost, and this message would be accessed by the receiver at a time suited to him. Blogging affects the ‘noise’ aspect of the communication process in the sense that, in traditional communication, the noise or the message was a verbal or written but blogging enables one to send messages in the
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