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Religion Note (islam)

Religion Note (islam) - Islam Homework assignment In Qur'an...

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Islam 4/6/07 Homework assignment: In Qur’an read Surah’s: 109, 112, 711-27 Absolute/Pure monotheism; condemns polytheism and Trinitarian Christianity and the commercialism of religion and idolatry. Islam doesn’t emerge naturally out of Christianity. Is a thematic off-shoot of both Judaism and Christianity. It is an Abrahamic faith: traces its roots and genealogy back to Abraham. Vocab: Islam -surrender or submission, as in to God; Arabic is very important to Islam, is a semitic language from Hebrew. Islam (consonants s,l,m and salaam have the same consonant sounds, this isn’t a coincidence; salaam means peace… peace is also in the word Islam) Muslim (same consonant sounds in this word… s,l,m. One who submits or surrenders to God, a practitioner of Islam) Allah (means “lord” or “God” in Arabic; same God as the God in Christianity and Judaism); Qur’an (real Qur’an is in Arabic; made up of 114 Surah’s or chapters) means recitation, refers to the book because the contents are meant to be read aloud and heard. Muhammad : central prophet of Islam, through him God’s perfect will is revealed. Final prophet of God. Five major prophets: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Adam is technically God’s first prophet. 4/9/07 Muhammad (570-632CE); Born in Mecca, his parents died when he was very young. He was raised by his uncle, Abu Talib. His uncle was well connected with one of the most powerful tribes in Mecca. Around 25 years old, he gets married to Khadijah. She’s a wealthy widow who is about 15 years older than him. They have a daughter, Fatima, his only surviving daughter. He works less and spends more of his time contemplating and meditating on society. The time before Islam is referred to as a time of ignorance. Ramadan is the name of a month in the Muslim/Arab calendar, its usually in late summer/early fall. During the month of Ramadan Muhammad goes to a cave and just sits around. During the month of Ramadan in the year 610, Muhammad has his first revelation. The angel Gabriel (Jibril in Arabic) appears to him and speaks to him. His first revelation is in the year 610. He gets more throughout the rest of his life. He comes down from the mountain after this revelation and tells his wife. His wife tells him to trust it and believe in it. Khadijah becomes important in Islam as the good wife. His first four followers are his wife, his son-in-law/cousin: Ali Ibn Abi Talib, his slave: Zayd Ibn Harithas (Muhammad sets him free and adopts him as his son.), and his best friend: Abu Bakr. By 613 he has a small following of about 60ppl. They are mostly poor or ex- slaves. Society as a whole didn’t like him (because his message is contrary to the current beliefs), but they couldn’t do anything about it because he had his uncle to protect him and he was wealthy.
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4/11/07 There were two warring tribes in Yathrib. In 620 Yathrib began corresponding with Muhammad so that they could get him to resolve the war between the two tribes.
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Religion Note (islam) - Islam Homework assignment In Qur'an...

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