religion notes (christianity)

religion notes (christianity) - 2/21/07 *Final will be...

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2/21/07 *Final will be optional. If you feel that you need to take it you can. If not, your grade will be determined by your other three tests. Christianity Trinitarian monotheism. Jesus of Nazareth ca. 4BCE – 30 CE. Name was Yeshua, the Latins referred to him as Easus. Eventually became Jesus. Last name wasn’t Christ, that’s a title. Christ of Faith: Incarnation, Christology, Messiah, resurrection, trinity. The devotional approach to looking at Jesus, the way you would view Jesus if you’re a worshipper. Incarnation is the central doctrine of Christianity. The notion that Jesus was God born in the flesh. The idea that God was born as a man, lived as a man, and died as a man. Christology is the science or study of the nature of Jesus as the Christ. The notion that Jesus was fully God and fully human at the same time. Messiah (Hebrew for “anointed”) and Christ (Greek Christos meaning “anointed one”) are synonyms. The idea that Jesus would fulfill God’s perfect will on earth. That he would restore man to God’s plan. Resurrection (right behind incarnation as an important doctrine): The idea that Jesus died as a man and then came back to life as a human being before ascending to heaven. Trinity is the belief that there is one God, but within that God, there are three divine persons. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 2/23/07 Historical Jesus/ Jesus of History ; gospel: “good news” Academic approach to studying Jesus Not much evidence of existence- no bones, graves… No historians, Romans didn’t keep records Gospels give biography, focus on synoptic (written as to Paul) o o John: Johanine gospel: more philosophical/theological Mark- 70 CE John- 90 to 100 CE Synoptic: similar in many ways : Mark – Luke 60% - Matt 90% ; M – Q-L Know very little about birth/childhood Picks up at age of 30.
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From lower socio-economic class, carpenter/ stone mason; spoke Aramaic- semitic language (roots in Hebrew) ; probably knew some Hebrew, Greek, Latin; had siblings (4 brothers, some sisters); At age 30, goes to John the Baptizer; ascetic, possibly essene- living in desert, without comforts; Jesus gets baptized, begins his ministry: * Itinerant: moves around from place to place, preaches wherever he can draw a crowd; speaking to both men & women (controversial, Jews & gentiles); speaks mostly to the poor- tension between having money and following Jesus/ getting into Heaven. Messages/ Themes of his sermons Kingdom of God- idea that God will reinstitute his perfect will on earth. o
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religion notes (christianity) - 2/21/07 *Final will be...

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