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17. density increases; the mantle is 80% of the volume. 8. either way in both hemispheres 11. Mr. Keppen; A-near equator; E-near poles; type B climates are characterized by precipitation. Athens has a type C climate 19. Continental crust made out of granite; oceanic made out of basalt; oceanic or basalt is denser; subduction is name when basalt goes down. 33. False; Continental shield is oldest part of continental crust…. . Canadian shield is oldest part of Canadian continent. 30. India or Indo-Australian plate 27. 2 nd part: convection comes up and spreads the sea floor over time 37. They occur along deep cracks called faults. 26. Wegner; Plate tectonics is modern version: DIFFERENCE is that Wegner couldn’t explain why plates moved; key proof came from ocean floor in North Atlantic where they
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Unformatted text preview: found that instead of it being the oldest crust, it was the youngest. 43. Northern Minnesota is at LEAST risk for earthquakes. 40. P wave; S-wave 35. True 32. False; Missouri…. 61. more ; oxbow lake is a short cut 62. No; not necessarily; Estuary is fresh water and saltwater mixture 66. 1994, south GA… Damn broke in Toccoa in North Georgia. 70. West coast; depositional: Gulf coast and east coast 72. No; 77. No; Underwater earthquakes and landslides cause Tsunamis… Pacific; most recent in Indian Ocean. 84. U-shaped 90. El-nino found in Ocean, Peru…. IN GA, warmer and dryer air because of La-nina. S.O. in atmosphere, Pacific… 86. Yes...
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