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1. Discuss the function of the epidermis in roots (remember to relate structure to function for any examples that you use in your discussion). The epidermis is the outermost layer of the root and is comprised of epidermis cells. The epidermis gives rise to root hairs and functions in the absorption of water for the plant. 2. The cuticle is a layer of suberin deposited in cells of the pericycle of roots that functions in regulating nutrient uptake from the water absorbed by the roots. Is this statement true or false? If false, write a short answer explaining the function of cutin and suberin. False. The cuticle is on the epidermal cells of the root and helps protect the roots from bacteria and fungi. Suberin is a waxy substance found in Casparian strips which run perpendicular to the root surface in the endodermal layer. The suberin is a hydrophobic substance that prevents water and dissolved substances from leaving the central core of tissues. 3. Explain the mutualistic relationship between a woody dicot root and fungi.
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