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1. Describe the structure of a typical woody dicot leaf in detail and explain the function for any structures that you use in your answer. Stalk (petiole) – attached blade to the stem Blade (lamina) – contains network or vascular bundles or veins Stipules – leaflike, scalelike, or thornlike appendages Epidermis The epidermis is the outer multi-layered group of cells covering the leaf. It forms the boundary between the plant and the external world. The epidermis serves several functions: protection against water loss, regulation of gas exchange, secretion of metabolic compounds, and (in some species) absorption of water. The epidermis is covered with pores called stomata, part of a stoma complex consisting of a pore surrounded on each side by chloroplast-containing guard cells, and two to four subsidiary cells that lack chloroplasts. The stoma complex regulates the exchange of gases and water vapor between the outside air and the interior of the leaf.
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