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Transfer Functions Purpose: Identify and verify circuit transfer functions and practice transfer function design. Equipment Required: • 1 - Oscilloscope 1 - Digital Multimeter 1 - Function Generator 1 - Protoboard 1 - 1- kΩ Resistor 1 - 0.01-μF Capacitor Various Passive Components Prelab: Review the sections covering pole-zero diagrams and the sections covering transfer functions and transfer function design. 1. Transfer Function Analysis The circuit of Fig. 1 is a first-order RC circuit with the output v out (t) taken across the capacitor. The input is the unit step function v in (t) = u(t). 1) Determine the circuit voltage transfer function T V (s), the step response transform G(s) and the output waveform g(t) for v out (t) as indicated in Fig. 1. b. Enter the circuit of Fig. 1 into a CCA program and determine the step response by performing a transient analysis. Plot the results and tape the output into your lab journal.
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