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Media Storage Solutions
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Maximi z er Rack Multimedia Rack Features: Modular designed racks for storing a wide variety of data media tapes including: 4mm, 8mm, Optical Disks, 3590, 9x40, Streamer, TK, DLT, LTO, 3570 Magstar and CD-ROM. Consists of two models Compact & Stretch, with base units and add-on units available for both. At the heart of the Multimedia Rack system are a range of interchangeable storage pacs, that are designed for speci fi c media types. Constructed from furniture grade steel with adjustable feet for levelling. Media Storage 8mm Ten Pac 3943-00 4mm Ten Pac 3944-00 3570 Magstar Pac 3942-00 CD-ROM Ten Pac 3945-00 Optical Ten Pac 3945-00 Multimedia Ten Pac 3946-00 DLT Seven Pac 3947-00 LTO Eight Pac 3948-00 Multimedia Rack Multimedia Pacs: Multimedia Rack Speci fi cations: Base units are 790mm (31 ”) wide by 352mm (13 ”) deep. Add-on units are the same width but are 127mm (5”) deep. Compact base units are 610mm (24”) high, with Stretch bases 959mm (37¾”) high. Compact add-on units are 565mm (22¼”) high whilst Stretch add-ons are 914mm (36”) high. Stretch base + Stretch add-on. Stretch base + two Compact add-ons. Compact base + two Compact add-ons. Comfortable Working Combinations:
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Quad Rac Maximiser Rack Features: EDP’s original media storage solution, designed for storing 3590 tapes. Now capable of storing DLT / LTO tapes. Available in single sided racks for use against walls or double sided for creating aisles. Bottom two rows are angled for easy cartridge label viewing. Constructed from wire-welded, furniture grade steel. Racks are 6 Auto-Pacs high - 1,867mm (73½”) Single sided racks are 305mm (12”) deep. Double sided racks are 457mm (18”) deep. Widths: 2 Pac wide = 622mm (24½”) 4 Pac wide = 1,207mm (47½”) 5 Pac wide = 1,495mm (58 ”) Maximiser Sizes: Auto-Pacs: 3590 Auto II Pac 3480-22A DLT-Auto 16 Pac 3480-DLT-16 / 3480-DLT-16R Quad Rac Features: Quad Rac is a double density media storage rack, that has 4 independent one pac wide sliders. Quad Rac is 5 Auto-Pacs wide by 6 Auto-Pacs high. Available in single sided racks for use against walls or double sided for creating aisles. Sliders have precision moulded casters and DuPont Delrin ® guides for effortless gliding. Quad Rac is 2,010mm (79 ”) high by 1,575mm (62”) wide. Single sided Quad Rac is 457mm (18”) deep. Double sided Quad Rac is 660mm (26”) deep. Quad Rac Sizes:
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