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1108L-assignment 2 10am

1108L-assignment 2 10am - Criteria for good scientific...

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Criteria for good scientific investigation Student response 1) Is the research question based on past experiments and is it biologically relevant? Explain. Yes, it is biologically relevant because they are trying to find the mechanisms through which tissue colonization take place between an animal and bacteria. Yes, this question is based on the model of root- nodule associations between legume plants and nitrogen fixing bacteria. 2) Is the research question focused and is it testable? Explain. Yes, the research is focused because it concentrates on how the bacteria colonize around the squid. It is quite testable as there is one variable to be tested, and the scientist have the resources they need to conduct this experiment such as confocal microscopy, different bacteria stains, new hatched squids. 3) What is the hypothesis? The hypothesis of this article is “A theoretical consideration of the scale over which the initiation of colonization occurs indicates that, for efficient inoculation of the organ, V. fischeri
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