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American Indian Families

American Indian Families - Jillian Clarey HDFL-335 American...

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Jillian Clarey HDFL-335 American Indian Families (2-3 Pages, Double Spaced) Summarize… - Culture (Check) - Family Structure (Check) - Child Rearing (Check) - (+) Current Issues (Check) … that would be important to know about when working with children or adults of families from each group. Add intro + conclusion
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Jillian Clarey HDFL-335 Native American Families As a student working her way towards a career within the human services sector, it is important for me to continue to learn more about the diversity of cultures practiced by our country’s people. There will undoubtedly be times in my professional life that I will encounter situations in which I will be working with people of a different background than my own. During which, it will be imperative that I respect these differences and be aware of the many distinct cultural beliefs and values that will shape our interaction. The Native American population is comprised of many different and culturally diverse sects. While some Native people practice traditional indigenous beliefs and values, there are others who have acculturated into dominant society and maintain no elements or identification with their Indian heritage. Though it is important to recognize this diversity, several common cultural elements have been identified that are found in a number of different Native groups. These include a fluid sense of time, spirituality,
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