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Health Care Policies in the U.S. U.S. Health Care Policies - Although the U.S. has the most up-to-date health care technology in the world, it has made less progress than other countries in working to reduce infant deaths Infant Mortality - In the past 30 year, the U.S. slipped in international ratings: - In 1950, U.S. ranked 7 th in infant mortality rates - In 2000, U.S. ranked 21 st in infant mortality rates Infant Mortality - Two factors are largely responsible for infant death: - Serious physical defects - Low birth weight - Experts agree that widespread poverty and weak health care programs for mothers and young children are responsible for problems with low birth weight Programs and Policies in Other Countries - All Western European nations guarantee women a number of prenatal visits at a very low cost - After a baby’s birth, health care professionals visit the home to provide counseling about infant care and medical assistance
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Unformatted text preview: -In some countries, for a small fee, mothers are given a specially trained maternity helper who assists with infant care, household responsibilities, and care of other children Parental Leave Policy in the U.S.-The U.S. government mandates only: -12 weeks of unpaid leave for employees in businesses with at least 50 workers-The average amount of time a person in the U.S. takes is usually 6 weeks or less-However, short leaves are often linked to maternal anxiety, depression, and negative interactions between parents and the baby Parental Leave Policies in Other Countries-Many European countries better parental leave policies that the United States-In Sweden, couples have 15 months of paid leave to share between them-In Canada, the mother or father can remain home for 12 months-In Germany, after a 3-month paid leave, a parent can take two more years at a reduced pay rate...
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