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A. Assignment Instructions 1. Consult the Excel assignment allocation file on Virtual Campus for your individual assignment. 2. You will get a zero score for completing a different assignment. 3. A BLUE Scantron (answer sheet) is required for your answers which is identified by a BLUE line in its upper right-hand corner. 4. The “Course Code” on the answer sheet for this assignment is ECO1192BB . Do not forget to darken the appropriate ovals. 5. Answer sheets will be distributed and collected at the beginning of the April 4 th lecture. 6. Late answers will most definitely be rejected. 7. Please note The last answer to each question is implicitly “None of these answers” unless the given answers cover all possibilities (e.g., answers a) True; b) False)). Rounding. Excel automatically rounds up or down. For example, 1.26 would automatically be shown as 1.3 if you are rounding to 1 decimal. If your calculations are Excel-based, always show 1 more decimal than the question requests to avoid the automatic rounding issue. For this example (i.e., 1.26), the correct assignment answer (1 decimal; no rounding) would be 1.2 (not 1.3). ENGINEERING ECONOMICS ECO 1192B Blue Assignment #2: Cash Flows C. Théoret Winter 2019
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